My Pinterest drinking game

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  1. Go to Pinterest’s general weddings page
  2. ONE DRINK: When I see a pin from Offbeat Bride
  3. TWO DRINKS: When I see something that makes me want to write a WTF post

Surely there are more rules. Help me?

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  1. bwahaha I laugh and roll my eyes every time I see single people wedding planning on pinterest. I also like the idea of turning pinterest into a drinking game.

    • For me, it was a hobby. I love weddings and putting them together (wedding planner in another life, right here!)

    • I lol every time supercilious commenters on OBB criticize single women for being interested in wedding aesthetics. Silly little girls.

  2. I would say one drink for every spam pin, but you would be drunk, drunk, drunk.

  3. So many of my non-engaged friends (some of whom aren’t even seeing anyone right now!) have wedding-planning boards on Pinterest! I don’t really get it… Yes, I’ve used it a little for wedding inspiration, but really, I use it more for gathering recipe ideas…

  4. When I became engaged, friends started setting up wedding boards *for* me and pinning things I guess they assumed I would like. Creepy-style!

  5. As someone who plans a theoretical wedding on Pinterest all the time, this is still hilarious.
    As much as anything, it’s awesome to me how much I know the eventual, actual wedding will look nothing remotely like the Pinboard that “inspired” it. OVERDREAMING.

    • That’s why I created a board of pictures and things I ACTUALLY USED at my wedding almost two years ago. My board is completely realistic because it really happened 🙂 Quite a few people repinned my pictures which was cool.

      • I did the same thing…my pics were either things that were actually used or things that I could realistically afford and was debating using, as opposed to simply computer-vomiting every wedding idea I had ever seen onto my pinterest…and after about three weeks of this, I completely lost interest and stopped using Pinterest entirely…

      • But I think that defeats the point to a wedding Pinterest board for inspiration. That stops being inspiration at all, and starts being an informative, factual accounting of your wedding, like if you had made a blog post about it after the fact.

        I mean sure, I might not use every idea on my board (and probably won’t). But some of these ideas are so cool that I just don’t want to lose track of them 6 months later when I start making actual decisions on what’s happening.

        • My wedding was long over by the time I started using Pinterest so I thought it would be weird for me to start pinning things for a wedding as if I was planning again. Really I just wanted to show what I actually used so that other people could pin them for their own inspiration and I wanted to promote my awesome photographer’s website. A bunch of people pinned some pictures of my decorations and it felt totally awesome to contribute something brand new to Pinterest instead of just repinning.

  6. Drink every time you see a pin on the weddings board that is a picture of a dude. rare unicorns those!

  7. Do people really think that their own wedding will be EXACTLY like the pictures they pin? If yes, then well, I think they may need help. I like it because it’s for inspiration. Isn’t that the point? Hey look, I found this, I like it and may want to try it. Let me pin it and see how it goes. I pinned dresses and I’m not wearing a dress. I just liked them. Maybe it’s because I don’t take it as the end all be all of the wedding/life? It’s just there for, like I said, inspiration. Oh, and organization!!! 😀

  8. I LOVE this game! 😛
    My rules are:
    One drink for every idea that I really want to incorporate in my wedding/ already have incorporated in my wedding.

    Two drinks for every post by Offbeat Bride (or post linked back to offbeat Bride)

    Three drinks for everything that makes me make the derp or rage face.

  9. Drink when you see a fully tricked out board from someone who isn’t even engaged.

  10. As someone who has always loved weddings, and dreamed of my wedding, and bought wedding magazines even when there was no chance that I was going to get married in the near future (like when I was a teenager), I don’t see anything wrong with single ladies having wedding boards. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming.
    Even though I’m not using any of the things that I have dreamed of, or collected pictures of in the past for my wedding, I still really enjoyed collecting those things and I enjoy looking at the things I collected. Sometimes I wonder “What was I thinking?!” lol! Tastes change.
    I’m not going to judge someone because they love all things that are wedding and want to pin about it. I hope that I’m not judged for continuing to pin things that are wedding when I’m already married. I won’t be dreaming of a second wedding, just continuing to love all things wedding!

  11. That photo in the WTF post is O_o. I will say that I still look at wedding porn for inspiration, especially party lighting! Of course, now I can’t find the celebration featuring the umbrellas over the dancing floor.

  12. Drink every time a board is entitled “For my next wedding”
    I get that people can just love gathering beautiful photos and inspiring ideas so much that they don’t want to stop once their weddings pass (although after my wedding I went from looking at about 5 wedding blogs a day to Offbeat Bride occasionally). Also, maybe they are planning for a renewal…I have one friend who had a small wedding when she was very young and has a board entitled “The wedding we never had” where she plans their 10 year renewal…I think that is wonderful.
    I just think “My next wedding” comes across terribly to me.

  13. OH MY GLOB I have so many additions to this game.

    -Do a shot every time someone comments with something like “This is cute, but I’m so ugly/fat that it would never work on me D:”

    -Drink every time someone feels the need to comment with “Ew this is ugly” or “That’s so tacky!” on a pin that someone obviously liked enough to pin in the first place

    -Do a DOUBLE SHOT when someone asks “Where do I get this??” because they don’t understand the click-through nature of the site.


    • I have a general style board which has suffered a few “Who the fuck would wear this?” repins. I asked them not to spill their haterade all over my No.2 Pencil Stockings.

  14. 3 drinks “My one day wedding” boards
    4 drinks for a post with no description or link back to anything useful
    5 drinks when you see something exactly like you used in/bought for your ceremony.

  15. DRINK WHEN SOMEONE IS WRONG. Like when you see that picture of a tree with paper lanterns in it, and the caption says “look at these balloons they’re so pretty omg” or whatever.

    • Also that picture of a little boy and girl with a love quote from “Josh Whedon” that’s from a Buffy episode (Spike to Buffy, season 7).

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