Delicious Monday morning stats: year over year

Updated Oct 12 2015

I know some of you out there are analytics nerds like I am, so I thought I'd take a minute to share a few metrics from across the Empire. I'm mostly focusing on year-over-year analytics here… I look at these numbers once a month or so to get a feel for how each site is aging, and assess whether there are any strategic shifts I need to make. (It was year-over-year Tribe stats that made me realize that site was in a free-fall last year.)

Offbeat Bride

obb year over year
Offbeat Bride's visits are up about 65% over last year, mostly thanks to a post going viral last week. I have some longtime promotional partners with annual campaigns who are going to be pretty stoked about this… it pays to purchase a year's worth of placement at a time. You lock in a rate based on one traffic level, and then BLAMMO! 65% more bang for your buck.

Oh, and look! By peeking into my Pinterest stats, we can see the wedding planning corner of Pinterest wake up after a long autumn's nap:

pinterest jan

Offbeat Families

This is the weirdest stats story ever. Three months after the site stopped publishing new posts, traffic continues to not only be strong — but unique visitors are up 63% from where it was last year, when we were publishing 2-3 new posts every day:
year-over-year families

This of course is all because of Facebook.

Offbeat Home & Life

And how's the youngest child of the Offbeat Empire doing?

The one who sometimes seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis?

Well, she's doing pretty great, with unique visitors up over 90%:


This traffic increase is mostly thanks to the SEO power of a white elephant gifts post showing up on the top of Google search results:

Lookit how cute Megan's little picture is there! This started showing up totally randomly, but after some research, we figured out how to make what's known as "Google Authorship" work… some of the time. It seems to be sort of erratic in terms of when it works, but when it does… it's so cute!

  1. Man, I love these stats. Thanks so much for sharing.

    (I am playing a lot with Google Authorship lately. It's definitely worth jumping on the bandwagon — I think it's going to impact sites like yours with these long-tail evergreen stories pretty significantly. /crystal ball)

  2. I really love these stat posts too. I find it fascinating and I enjoy the behind the scenes glances.

    Glad to hear things are up! I love the Empire <3

  3. 1) I feel slightly ashamed that I didn't realise that there was an Offbeat Bride facebook page.
    2) These stats are very interesting, and do sort of make logical sense when you think about the likely reasons for them. I am a bit of a stats geek though, my boss once told me I needed to get a out more when I got excited about a new statistical imaging program we started using at work…

  4. So, I heard through the nerd grapevine some interesting stuff about dead site. I had a friend who worked as some kind of software developer for a porn site which was doing fairly well. The owners of the site though, eventually decided to fire everyone and just run the porn archive, apparently its a known short term strategy that works for several years, visits don't drop immediately and can even increase for a several year period, but of course long term the site dies and loses visits. It seems like the same might be true for wedding "porn" as for the more hardcore kind?

    (man. i totally feel like this is going to trigger some spam filters, this is like the spammyest thing I've ever written. don't worry, i am not a robot)

    • Yeah, this sounds about right. I've heard that the google juice starts to fade after a year, which definitely impacts search traffic… but then there's the huge amount of traffic generated on Facebook. If I can milk a couple years' worth of revenue-with-no-expenses out of Offbeat Families, then I can say it broke even, and pretend it wasn't a total financial failure……

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