Wrapper ads on Offbeat Home & Life and Offbeat Families

Updated Oct 12 2015

BmUXFN8CIAAiHD4I've had a couple readers write in this morning to report that they're seeing what's known as "wrapper ads" on both Offbeat Home & Life as well as Offbeat Families.

This ad behavior is completely expected on Offbeat Families. Since the site is now an archive, at this point I have the ad settings there turned up as high as they'll go, in an effort to recoup the tens of thousands of dollars invested during the 4 years the site was actively publishing. Those aggressive ads are all part of the strategy for Offbeat Families.

BUT! Wrapper ad are absolutely NOT a part of the strategy for Offbeat Home & Life. It looks like Glam, the ad platform I've worked with for several years, has made a mistake and applied the permission ad settings for Families to Home & Life. I've submitted a support ticket to get the wrapper ads taken off Home & Life, so hopefully that'll be taken care of shortly.

If you're not seeing the ads, lucky you! They're only shown to readers in certain regions, and this specific campaign seems to be UK-focused. There have been others targeted to only Canada, or only New York, or only Texas, etc.

If you ever have concerns about an ad on any of the Offbeat Empire sites, you can always feel free the contact me. I'll need this information:

  • A screenshot of the ad (I use awesomescreenshot.com, which hosts the image for you)
  • The URL of where the ad appeared
  • Your geographical location

Of course I can't promise to remove every flagged ad, but I'm always open to hearing from readers when they have concerns about advertising. In the case of the wrapper ads today, it was an error that they were being shown on Offbeat Home & Life — and since they weren't targeted to my area, I never would have known.

UPDATED 5/21/2014:
I've actually decided to terminate Offbeat Home & Life's contract with Glam Media, our existing 3rd party ad platform, because this keeps happening. We have a 60 day contract termination clause with them, so it'll take a couple months… but we're sick of this happening over and over again.

  1. Oh wow that's a relief! I've been seeing these for about a week on offbeat home&life but didn't like to complain as I know how important advertising revenue is. I personally really dislike wrapper ads, so I'm glad this won't be be permanent on h&l. Thanks for letting us know!

    • Same here in London, except I'd say I've been seeing them on OBH&L for about 10-14 days minimum. (Last week was Sainsbury's clothing, this week is the Dior one in the screenshot.)

      Just figured they were part of a new ad-strategy test, and clicked through to give you some clicky numbers. I don't ever want to hurt OBE ad revenue, but they are a bit… large. Glad they're going away!

      • I'm in London and have been seeing them for a while… at least a week I think. Still up today. However whilst I dislike banner ads I quite like TU clothing and so have clicked through a couple of times!

  2. Not seeing any wrapper ads on H&L or Families here, I'm in Australia.

    Do you guys get extra for click throughs? Or is simply from the page views? No idea how these things work!

  3. I've been seem them in Edinburgh for a while now, if there was an option to minimise them to a banner ad but still get you more ad revenue I'd be totally cool with that, they are a tad awkward when you can't do anything to minimise/get rid though!

    • This ad behavior request sadly isn't anything I have control over… although you could sort of emulate what you're requesting with an ad blocker:
      1. use an adblocker
      2. come to offbeathome.com
      3. disable your adblocker
      4. refresh the page
      5. click the ad (yay revenue)!
      6. renable your adblocker and refresh the page

      That's a lot of clicks, and I'd never EVER ask anyone to do that… but if you want to get crafty with it, by all means go for it!

  4. Oh my, just clicked through to Offbeat Families and the wrapper ad was for Femfresh.

    Do you get any control over what ads are shown?

    I'm in the UK if that helps.

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