Whiskey Bucket DELIVERED: the happy ending to our epic downtime saga

September 10 2013 | offbeatbride

bucket shotLast week, a reader named Laura-Nicole suggested we start a donation fund to get the server techs at Liquid Web some whiskey as thanks for working straight through the night to get us back online. 16 of you contributed (!!!) and so I went online to find an awesome booze gift basket to be delivered to our friends in Michigan.

…Sadly, I quickly learned that Michigan's laws don't allow hard alcohol gift delivery! SHIT.

I would not be deterred. Those techs had worked hard, and y'all had contributed toward a gift. So I went on a Facebook mission to find an obsessive Offbeat Bride reader somewhere near Lansing, MI who would be willing to play Booze Santa. Luckily, I found Nichole — who just happens to be a wedding officiant in Michigan! OK RIGHT? I had a minister play Booze Santa.

Nichole was amazing and assembled a great selection of treats:

bucket ingreds

Then she drove it to the Liquid Web office in Lansing and delivered it to our web host's office, where two of the techs who worked the hardest on our web server came to accept their bounty.

Travis and Chris, two of the team of Liquid Web technicians who helped us get the Offbeat Empire back online!
Travis and Chris, two of the team of Liquid Web technicians who helped us get the Offbeat Empire back online!
So a big thank you to:

  • Travis, Chris, Jack, and the web hosting team at LiquidWeb
  • Kellbot, our on-staff web developer (she'll be getting a separate bonus, perhaps a walrus)
  • The 16 of you who contributed to the whiskey fund
  • Nichole Bertucci from aSimpleIdo.net for assembling and delivering the bucket
  • All of you who were patient and understanding as we weathered the storm of 30 hours of downtime

There were several layers of silver lining to this whole experience (new server, complete plugin audit, fresh eyes, new server tech friends — more about all these things tomorrow!), but the biggest one was the just the outpouring of support from Offbeat Empire readers. We missed you, too!

  1. Such a good selection! The happy ending — and OBE community in general — blows me right the fuck away.

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  2. Hooray! Better check the walrus-delivery laws in Kellbot's state before you make any purchase arrangements πŸ™‚

    9 agree
  3. How thoughtful… I want a booze delivery! But even cooler… not only does Liquid Web host my site {LOVE THEM!} but Nichole is my bestie. This is such an awesome thing she did… and yet I'm not surprised she's an all-around great gal!

  4. *and* if those two guys ever had trouble meeting women (should that be their interest), they now have 3 sites' worth if fangirls.

    23 agree

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