Wheeze, gasp, sputter: all blogs now shifted over to new templates

February 11 2013 | offbeatbride

thumb mobile obbAfter almost a week of non-stop managing bug reports and answering questions and fixing things and breaking them and fixing them and rebreaking them, we just rolled out the new mobile-friendly templates on offbeatbride.com!

Offbeat Bride's Vendor Guide and the Offbeat Bride Tribe don't have the new templates yet. Vendors will be coming later this week (it's got a lot of special styling that's going to make a mobile version pretty challenging), and the Offbeat Bride Tribe is completely at the whim of BuddyPress developers catching up on their milestones (hopefully it will be coming within a month or two).

But all of the Offbeat Empire blogs are now up 'n' running with their new templates, which are way more flexible and awesome with screen sizes ranging from 4 inches to 32 inches. Mobile users will notice a really different experience, and while it may not be totally perfect yet, it's a BIG improvement over what we've been limping along with for several years.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with us while we've been fixing and fiddling with things, and special thanks to those of you who took the time to report bugs and share your concerns. And HUUUUUGE thanks to our new developer Kellbot, who went way above and beyond with this project.

  1. Just want to say I am LOVING the new templates. Huge thanks to Kellbot and everyone involved!

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    • Oh man, thank you so much!! After all the bug reports I've been dealing with, it's great to hear this. Thank you. 🙂

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