Presentation at WMBA in Las Vegas on September 18 (plus a big announcement!)

September 4 2014 | offbeatbride
Signing the papers with Jon & Tom from Lovesick
Photo of Tom, myself, and Jon by Jenny GG Photography

On September 18th 2014, I'll be sharing the stage with the Tom and Jon (the two dudes from Lovesick Inc) at the Wedding Merchants Business Association conference in Las Vegas. We will not be doing what we are doing in the photo above. Instead, we're going to be talking to a few thousand wedding professionals (!?!) about how to be a little less cheesy, a bit more creative, and a lot more themselves.

We are all super stoked to have this platform to talk about what we've learned from our favorite vendors around the country, as well as our tips for how vendors can build their businesses. Tom and Jon and I all feel like the more we can connect the world to our unique network of vendor friends, the more we all redefine the tired ways of the old wedding guard. It's exciting!

ALSO! At the end of our presentation, we'll be debuting a new joint venture that's set to launch early next year. This is a full-on partnership between Lovesick and Offbeat Bride that is going to bring so many new opportunities to the wedding vendor community. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook on September 18th, around 1pm EST/10am PST, to be the first to know what is in store for 2015 and beyond.

If you will be at the conference, leave a comment here and the dudes and I will find a time to meet up for a drink!

  1. I live in Vegas, but that makes me feel like a total creep for wanting to meet up for a drink. I'm not in the wedding biz, I'm just a local yokel!

    (also, I dunno why, but I read Love-Off as Off-Love for quite a while. Now that I see Love-Off, it makes more sense, but I'm still left somewhat… disappointed. )

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