Offbeat Bride's new Vendor Listing Visibility Package

February 16 2015 | arielmstallings

Beloved Offbeat Bride vendors, here's the situation: you bought a listing in the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide. (Or maybe you're a first-time Lovesick Expo vendor who got one for free with your table purchase. Congrats!) You're listed in your category and location. Maybe you even upgraded to purchase an additional location because you work in more than one market.

Your vendor listing is now browsable, searchable, and discoverable by Offbeat Bride's 1 million monthly readers. Rad!

…But what if you want your listing even MORE visible?

We used to allow vendors to purchase up to 5 additional locations, because so many of you wanted more visibility. Then we started hearing from readers that it was frustrating to find vendors listed in their area who were actually from out of state. We know y'all love to travel, but our readers have made it clear that when they're browsing local listings, they want truly local vendors. We've now scaled back to allow only one additional listing location.

But we've heard y'all loud and clear: you want MORE EYEBALLS on your Vendor Listings — we get it! That's why we're now offering our Vendor Listing Visibility Packages.

What's a Visibility Package get you?

A Vendor Listing Visibility Package is essentially an Offbeat Bride social media campaign just for your Vendor Listing — at half the cost.

Get an immediate hit of visibility for your vendor listing with a social media blast to our 170k followers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

We'll post on our social media properties with a link to your Vendor Listing — a quick post focused on your photos, promotions, and offerings.

And yes: this immediately boosts the share count at the top of your listing! (More info.)

The best news of all? While our standard social media campaigns cost $200, Visibility Packages only cost $101. Book yours today.