The clown car that will hold the Empire's entire editorial staff

April 11 2012 | offbeatbride

The Vantasy
Remember back in January when I said that I was going to try my darndest to get remote staff together every year? Well, I'm doing it! This weekend, the Empire's entire editorial staff (plus our long-suffering developer) will be gathering together for a staff retreat in the woods.

With the help of a friend, I'll be picking up staff flying in from DC, Detroit, Chicago, Des Moines, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Then we'll get on a ferry to head over to the Island. For a short drive, I'll load everyone into my '85 Westfalia, shown above. That will be a very cautious, five mile drive for me because I'll have the entire Editorial hive mind of the Empire all in one ridiculous place.

The retreat should be fun. We will be cooking each other meals, soaking in a wood-fired hot tub, playing Kinect dance games, and generally getting our collective Empirical* hippie on. My bitches deserve it.

 *Yes, I just abused the fuck out of that word.

  1. No no, you're doing it wrong! The "Bus Factor" is much too high that way. You need to get a *second* '85 Westfalia and put half the staff in that. And then maybe get yet another, to act as a decoy in case anyone tries to steal your staff members. Only then will you truly be safe.

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  2. Yesterday I succumbed to the Samantha Brick drama and finally broke down and read all her Daily Mail articles. I'm not going to comment on the whole "is she pretty or just stuck up" bullshit argument flooding the Internet right now because as usual the Internet has missed the point. Samantha's point across several articles ( not just the infamous one ) is that she finds it difficult to work with women because … well, because she finds them bitchy, quarrelsome, jealous and unprofessional. In short, catty.

    Samantha Brick is entitled to describe her experiences but it's a drag for me to see the whole, tired "women are so catty to each other" song-and-dance trotted out again. And it definitely doesn't resonate with my own work history.

    So it's really nice to see a group of women like the Offbeat Staff work together beautifully to produce the wonderful, KICK-ASS OBE. Like a cool light sorbet, cleansing my palate.

    And Samantha? If all of my professional relationships with any one particular group of people were strained and difficult… I'd be looking at myself. Just a suggestion…

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