Urge to spam comments…fading…

March 26 2012 | arielmstallings

One of the kinds of comments that we moderate pretty frequently on Offbeat Bride are gentle comment spams from business owners. These are NOT spam bots trying to sell viagra, they're real folks trying to boost their business's Google PageRank by leaving real but generally worthless comments on our blogs. (Tip: this hasn't worked on most blogs since 2005. It's a huge waste of everyone's time to leave meaningless comments on blogs.)

Anyway, these kinds of gentle spam comments always come in clusters, with a business owner blazing through a batch of posts and leaving bland, non-specific positive comments on post after post. Here's one recent example that cracked me up because, if you look at the timestamps, you can see that the commenter's will to live seemed to fade as time went on:

First we get an exclamation point! Then just a period. By the final comment, they can't even bother with punctuation and are down to two bland words. Thankfully, they lost the will to comment before they got down to monosyllabic comments ("HA").

  1. I always like to imagine that these people start out on their web quest with extreme gusto, leaving behind legitimate, constructive comments. But the further down the rabbit hole they fall, they find themselves hardened and gristly as they soldier on, holding out only the faintest hope that this will somehow possibly pay off someday in the eyes of Almighty Google.

  2. I suppose the responding with just "love it" to this post would be ironic?

    Although, not being a business nor having to conduct myself as one, I will say that on personal blogs and on facebook, it always seems more personal to throw on even a generic "love it" or "haha" than to "like" it.

    • seriously though, i think i have been innocently guilty of this. usually going on a catch up on rss feeds bender. my comments tend to go in spurts

      • Me too. Especially the "HA"!

        But I've never known OBE to delete one of my comments. I think they can tell I'm just being brief that day.

      • Your comments don't get deleted because you guys aren't businesses. I'm totally fine with meaningless comments from readers — but when it's a string of meaningless comments from a wedding photographer, or a cloth diaper company, or a home security system installer?


        • ohhhh so my blog or etsy (when it was open) url linked within my name didn't count? oh good.

  3. I occasionally leave empty comments because I liked the post and want to pass that credit to the writer (usually a guest post). But if it's a tutorial, or something else, matter of fact, empty comments are somewhat unavoidable. I personally would like "thank you" button.

    • Just to clarify: I'm TOTALLY fine with empty comments — it's repeated empty comments from businesses that become problematic.

  4. OMG.

    this just made me "hahahahhahah"!

    i think it just seems i know i catch myself even as a person of comments and "hahahah's" …sometimes just whiddles down to a "like" button now. right? I find now, if i have nothing to say – i "like" it and move on.

    man, i love typing.
    wish i had something cool to say.

    anyways. lovin catching up on my OBE posts.

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  5. *Hoping my comments don't come across as meaningless* lol

    My name DOES link to my Etsy shop, but I genuinely enjoy reading awesome blogs (like this one!) and being a part of the conversation by leaving comments.

    I will leave comments on blog that do not allow a website link, and that is fine, but they can feel a bit too rigid. I like to click on other commenters links because if they leave interesting comments, chances are they have an interesting blog I would like to discover.

    • Linking to your Etsy shop from your name ("Megan") is totally fine. Using your business name ("MegansBeadedCreation") as your display name, however, is a quick way to get moderated. This is all addressed in the comment policy: http://offbeatbride.com/about/comments

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