The return of THIS! (now with unTHIS! action)

May 23 2012 | offbeatresilience

Earlier than anticipated, the THIS! function is back — and it's better than ever! Here are the improvements:

  • Now it's a sexy little button instead of just a text link
  • When you click it, you'll see the THIS! count immediately updated, reflecting your vote
  • You can cancel your THIS! by clicking unTHIS!
  • Comment counts on our homepages have been replaced by a Response count, that includes both number of comments and THIS!s. So for instance, a post with 2 comments that each have 1 THIS! vote would have 4 Responses. The count is then broken out at the top of the comment section, where it reads (for example): RESPONSES: 2 Comments, 2 THIS! votes. Our goal is to more accurately reflect reader/commenter engagement with each post.

Oh and PS: the new THIS! uses javascript and ajax, so if you're using a browser that doesn't support those, it might not be quite as slick… but it will count your THIS! votes.

  1. Yay for functionality without Javascript/Ajax! Doesn't quite apply to me because I've enabled for the Empire, but I browse a lot with it disabled.

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  2. I must admit, after a few weeks with the new THIS! feature there is one aspect I don't like: the "total responses" count at the top of the post, rather than a count of the comments. I like following the comments on many posts, but now it's hard to tell whether new comments have been added or just more likes. I sometimes subscribe to a particularly great thread but don't always want to clog up my inbox. Am I the only one who's a little less than enthused about this aspect of the new THIS! feature?

    • Thanks for the feedback! I heard from one Offbeat Home user who was confused by the new count, but no other complaints.

      The goal with the Responses count is to show reader engagement, instead of just commenter engagement. On some posts, hundreds of folks are engaging via other people's comments, and from the homepage, there's simply no indication of that. "Responses" is a way to try to address that, but I'm still seeing if it feels right.

    • I agree with Colleen. I've thought more than once, "Cool, interesting topic has 60 comments," and gone in to discover that it is actually 10 comments and 50 "this!", which is disappointing. It seems to me that comments add significant value to the posts, and "this!" not so much. Maybe there's something I just don't understand about why information about a post's level of "reader engagement" could be more useful to me than actually knowing how many comments there are?

      • We have some advertisers who are like "Wait: you have 500,000 monthly visitors? Why are there only 10 comments?" The goal with engagement is to try to convey just how many people are interacting with our posts, even if they're not posting their own comment.

        Honestly, I'm still seeing if the Responses count feels right. I like to give changes like this at least a month's trial.

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