Meet our new sysadmin, Travis Zajkowski!

April 29 2015 | offbeatbride

Travis-Whiskey-BucketFriends, for the first time ever, we have a gentleman on the staff!

Some of you may remember TravisZ — he of the whiskey bucket? He worked for our longtime webhost doing tech support for many years, and first fiddled with our server waaaaay back in 2010. Over the years of working on our server (first in small capacities, and then staying all night to help us with epic downtimes) Travis basically made himself completely indispensable.

Of course I couldn't be surprised when he got a new job and left our web host a few months ago… people move on! Jobs change! But as soon as he was gone, our servers missed him. They cried in their sleep. They crashed in grief. They moped. We struggled. The sites went down more than they used to, and when we tried contacting tech support we, uh, did not get the level of support that we had grown used to from Travis.

So what did I do? I contracted him to be the Offbeat Empire's sysadmin consultant. Hopefully we won't need his help all THAT much (a stable server is a happy server!) but it's worth it for me to know that when the Empire crashes, I have Travis (AND ONLY TRAVIS) on the line. Five years of working on our servers means he knows the machines that deliver the Empire better than anyone on the planet.

Travis is now fulfilling our male diversity requirements as the lone dude on our staff page, and here, I'll let him introduce himself in third person:

When he is not troubleshooting servers Travis enjoys coding, binge watching TV shows, playing video games and photography. Travis lives in Michigan with his wife and small dog named Bear.

Please join me in welcoming Travis to the team, and heave a sigh of relief for our servers!

  1. Heeeeey I thought he looked familiar! (Is that weird?) Congrats – sounds like a great addition to the team!

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