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February 20 2008 | offbeatbride

My Today Show appearance is online for your viewing pleasure. (This vid includes both the taped part as well as the in-studio interview.) Who can spot in the segment? πŸ™‚

  1. Great segment! You were a great choice as someone we can all relate to–it has me taking an assessment of my own tech-addiction! Also you looked adorable.

  2. Ariel,
    I am trying to wrap my mind around blogging about being unplugged. I like the unplugged – I do that one week out of four myself as I spend a week a month in a rural site. I actively enjoy and look forward to my disconnected time, it is my most productive time. But to tie that time to the great world web would seem somehow demeaning to it. Part of the pleasure of unplugging for me is that they are two area of life that do not connect; that they allow for unique spheres in my life. I also enjoy that one sphere is represented by the physical process of writing on paper with a pen while the other is communicated via electronic means. The style of communicative technique matches the experience of life in each mode. Ariel, I think that you will find being unplugged and disconnected from the electronic media a generative experience. Let me know though how you find the experience of blogging about off-line time.


  3. Hehe. That was cute. What is this other fabled site for blogging about being low tech? (Does that make sense?) Love the pink buns!

  4. My hubby laughed at me the whole time while looking at your segment because he believes I love my Blackberry like a child. Scary thing is that I do love it! I have everything in one location and can respond to everything immediately. I know I am not important or anything, but it is addictive. Ugh. At least I part with it somewhat at least 8 hours a day due to my strict work enviornment, but it is still sad and I am still on the internet and telephone that whole time. I need to figure out how to unplug.

  5. My favorite part is when you say, "I think I can do it and I might even start a website about it." So very oxymoronish of you πŸ˜‰

  6. Joyful: pulling my hair back was my decision. It's all about branding, mah dear. With this particular topic, I didn't want the pink hair to distract people from what I was saying. With other topics, the pink hair adds to what I'm saying … but with this particular story, my offbeatness isn't part of the plot, so the pink hair stays back. πŸ™‚

  7. Yes akasha, he really did. I had to pause for a second in shock that people still say that.LOL! But I am snarky…. I love my crackberry! πŸ™‚

  8. Great segment, you look awesome! I snorted out loud when you were like, "I'm unplugging one night a week, and I might even make a website about it!" Haha classic.

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