6 reasons why I know we hired the right wedding photographers

Updated Oct 12 2015
Guest post by Elle665

Ever wonder what goes through the minds of the couples who choose (or didn't choose) to hire you to shoot their wedding? Here's one awesome Tribesmaid's reasons she knows she hired the right photographers to shoot her Toronto-area wedding.

How do I choose a photographer!? (Photo by: PascalCC BY 2.0)

1. They laugh

A lot. Our first meeting with Nicole Miller and Tanya Ellis of Miller Ellis Photography involved Nicole spilling caramel all over her shirt. It was hilarious, and we still laugh about it.

2. They shoot lesbian couples AND feature them on their blog

I love that they are pro-equality. It makes me feel much better, even though we're a straight couple ourselves. (I would assume they would do gay couples as well, but perhaps just haven't had the opportunity yet.)

3. They are up for anything we want to do

When we told them we wanted to do a rock climbing photo shoot for our engagement session, they didn't hesitate at all, they were like, "Oh that's so awesome!" Even though both of them are afraid of heights and not super outdoorsy. They totally were awesome sports about it all! They also still totally give us their professional opinion. This goes for posing, lighting, everything. Which is awesome for some of us photographically inept people!

4. They don't pressure me/us on the Wedding Industrial Complex-y stuff

I mentioned that I didn't know if I would wear my glasses for the wedding, and they just said that if I usually wear them, I should just wear them. No hesitation, no "Oh but it will hide your eyes," no "but brides don't wear glasses." Just plain, simple, practical advice. Same thing when I told them previously that I didn't really care about my dress or flowers or whatever — I just wanted to have a good day where I ended up married at the end. They were like, "perfect, we love it!"

5. They answer all my questions and emails

And they answer them completely and within a reasonable time frame. No explanation needed. It's just a relief.

6. They're within our budget

They are definitely professionals, so they aren't cheap, but they were still far more reasonable than the other quotes we got.

How do YOU know you've entered into the right vendor/client relationship?

  1. I like this. I knew I picked the right photographer because she made me feel comfortable. She laughed at our jokes. She still keeps in touch, and she donated to our fundraiser without a second thought. She's turned into a friend – not a super close one – but one I wouldn't hesitate to hire again for future portraits and we live across the country from one another.

  2. Our photographer made the engagement shoot fun for the fiancé!

    Besides having a great sense of humor, being reasonable, having an easy to understand website with all prices out in the open (and no music), willing to climb boardwalk railings (for a man in his advanced years), asking our input and clarifying things, our photographer got my fiancé from thinking "Eh, do we really need it?" to "Hey, this is fun, can't wait to do this again at the wedding."

    Having good chemistry with both of us was most important to me, as I really wanted photography done, but the fiancé was hesitant on needing it. Thanks to the photographer's easy manner and knowing how to engage my fiancé's interest in the process, we found a real keeper that we both like.

  3. Seconding the quick, comprehensive emails/phone calls. Our photographer was really good at that, and it made us feel as though ourselves and our wedding were a priority to them. They were also great at being open to our crazy ideas or unrealistic timelines, but not afraid to offer an honest, professional opinion to help us make decisions. I went into the wedding confident about them, but what sealed the deal was that after their contract was up, they put away all their gear and then came back in to the dance to take a spin around the dance floor, polka included!

  4. What about the quality of the pictures? I mean, it's awesome that they're within budget and friendly and prompt and LBGT-friendly, but does any of that matter if their pictures suck? How do you tell whether or not someone takes good quality pictures? What is the best way to judge a photographer's portfolio? Because honestly, six years after the wedding, I'm probably going to care less about the photographer than I do about the photographs.

    • I think the photographer choosing process usually goes:

      * Search for photographers that are local
      * Find ones who's photo quality is up to you standards
      * Contact photographers
      * Weed out the one that feels right for your personalities.

      So photo quality is the first step to finding the right photographer. But that alone doesn't make 'em the best fit, because you have to spend ALL DAY with your photographer. So there has to be other reasons to hire 'em, other than their eye.

      And I think the best way to judge a photographer's portfolio is to follow their blogs. You get to see a consistent barrage of their wedding photos. If you like most everything you're seeing, then that's your judge of their photo quality!

    • Hi Cassie! I'm the author of this piece and yes, absolutely, quality of photos was likely the MOST important! Actually, it went pretty much exactly as Megan has said. However, I wrote this now that we've actually worked with them for our engagement photos. We already knew they had good photos when we hired them (we looked at their website, Facebook page, they brought examples to our first meeting), but now we have even more reasons why we're happy with our choice.

  5. Great article. Very logical thinking and good rationale. Thanks for the insight. One of the things I offer (I'm a DJ) is a free line dance lesson during the reception. It's always funny to watch the reactions from potential clients when I mention this….I either totally just sold them…..pause, smile–or I totally just turned them off…follow up by "or not if that doesn't interest you."

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