The Empire's week in review: licking cravats, The Sims, and can vendors join the Tribe?

August 16 2013 | offbeatbride

cravat lickIt's another Friday on the Offbeat Empire, which means it's time to lovingly round-up a few of the noteworthy comments from across the hundreds that came in on the Empire blogs…

Offbeat Bride

Every once and a while, we let our copyeditor Caroline out of her cage and allow her to dabble in actually writing posts instead of just cleaning up the catastrophic typos we make in OUR posts, and she does stuff like this: I'm craving this skull cravat pin. While this post might not be heavy-hitting or especially profound, it does bring some of our old favorites out of the woodwork, like Dootsie Bug, who noted:

I just – I have the strongest impulse to lick this person from tie to chin.
… And that's why Dootsie doesn't go out in da public too often.

Offbeat Home

Our post 5 real-life design lessons I learned from The Sims got a lot of mileage from readers across all the blogs, and Alex captures why the post had so much appeal:

I learned that if I alternate between flirting, telling jokes, and complimenting someone, I can WooHoo 'em in record time. Also that the only way to live a comfortable life is to cheat, because making an honest living will leave you exhausted, depressed, and broke.

… actually that last part is a little true.

Naw but seriously, as someone who spent her formative years building trippy Sims dreamhouses and digital doppelgangers of everyone she wanted to marry/bop/kill…I could not love this post more. I still sneak a few days of intense playing-god once or twice a year, for good measure.

Also is anyone else incapable of practicing piano without imagining a little blue bar slowly filling up over their heads? No? Just me? Alright then.

Offbeat Families

This post just went up today: Can we send a "We aren't having kids!" announcement to family and friends?, and it's already getting some heated feedback… including this thoughtful response from
justanothersciencenerd who said:

Any time a social situation makes me feel weird or I can't wrap my head around why people do certain things, there's probably a post on the Offbeat Empire that helps me figure out why and put it into words.

Yep, we're here to help you wrap your head and hands and heart around the weird and slightly awkward social situations. (Including readers licking people's clothing, as discussed earlier.)

Offbeat Empire

So, have you noticed all the new posts we've been doing for our non-icky WIC wedding vendor friends? We're trying to make sure these posts get seen by the folks who need them most, so Offbeat Bride readers: we hope you'll share them with your own vendors!

We heard from one wedding vendor named Devin who asked:

I have a small Etsy shop that I've been thinking about advertising through offbeat for a while now, but so far I haven't partially because I'd really like to join the tribe sometime in the future if/when I get engaged. How do you guys handle situations where former vendors apply to the tribe? I would obviously be applying as myself, and not my shop.

My response? If you don't mention that you're a vendor, link your shop, or talk about your biz at all in your application, then joining the Tribe is totally not a problem. Even wedding vendors get married sometimes!

    • My partner bought it for me over the weekend. I've never played the Sims before and I am loving it. Almost m ade me late for work this morning…

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