Testing another related post recommendation tool

Just a quick heads-up that I'm doing a beta-testing a new related post recommendation tool on all the Empire blogs today. It's another AddThis tool, and I'm just going to see how it feels. I LOVE that readers can get more posts recommended, but it might be too much going on. I'm not really looking for feedback yet (at this point, I'm mostly just watching how it performs, rather than collecting opinions) but did want to let y'all know that it's in beta, and at this point is just a test.


7 totally free Photoshop alternatives for adventures in photo editing

Wearing a lot of hats is one of the major down-sides perks of running a small business. And if you're jumping into self-promotion and online advertising, "graphic designer" may end up being one of those hats. Here are some totally free editing tools for your banner-making, photo-cropping, and avatar-creating needs so you won't end up having to use MS Paint.


Awesome results from AddThis Smart Layers (aka "What are those pop-up things in the bottom right part of the page?")

Late last week we totally added a new function from AddThis, called Smart Layers. We've used the AddThis share bar across all the blogs for several years, and it's a solid tool and not at all shady.

As a publisher, I'm *super* excited about the Smart Layers. This kind of module is pretty common across the web, used on sites like NYTimes and HuffPo. I added the functions because it's a great way for readers (especially drive-by and first-time readers) to easily find additional posts on the sites… and it's crazy awesome to see how much it's getting used…