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Offbeat Bride Facebook survey results

I’ve talked a LOT about my conflicted feelings about Facebook, but things have changed over the course of this year as I’ve been shifting my thinking about recency vs relevancy. Also, the recent performance of Offbeat Families’ Facebook page has pretty much blown my mind. Moral of the story: my contentious publisher relationship with Facebook is shifting, and I conducted this survey to help me confirm some hunches.

Why I’m not doing a reader survey this year (and what I’m doing instead)

I’ve done reader surveys at the end of each year, starting with Offbeat Bride in December 2008. After five years of reader surveys, I’ve decided to take this year off… and here’s why.

2012 Reader Survey: the first-glance overview

Our 2012 reader survey closed late last night, and it looks like about 3200 of you responded. Before I get into anything else, let me just say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who took a few minutes to take the survey. Since all the Offbeat Empire sites are very much community-driven, it’s important to me to make sure I have a solid feel of who y’all are and what you’re looking for. We can’t always provide it, but I like to know!

Obviously, there’s a huge amount of data to sit with and consider, but I did want to share some of the overview demographics revealed by the survey.

We’re already making changes to the sites based on reader survey feedback

The 2012 Offbeat Empire reader survey has only been up for a couple days, and we’re already making changes to the sites based on y’all’s feedback…