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Papertique as seen on the Offbeat Empire

My idea of fun: editing 800+ tag archive pages

We’ve long known that Google doesn’t think our tag archive pages are nearly as useful as we do. The Googs likes posts or pages, not dynamic archives with no static content. So what am I doing this fall? I am manually editing every single Offbeat Bride tag so that Google likes them better. All 800 of them.

Identity policing is not a game we play

We’re going to bring back our atrophied “noteworthy comment” category to share a comment that came in this week. This comment was deleted, and after you hear this bunny act it out, we think you’ll understand why…

“Hi, can you help me exploit your content?”

This morning, we published a post on Offbeat Bride featuring some amazing Disney centerpieces. My editors hope every post does well, but there are certain posts that due to a combination of factors, we suspect might do a little extra well. Today our hunch was right, because within a few hours I got this email from a writer at Buzzfeed…

How to get the most out of your Offbeat Bride Vendor Listing share count

One of the changes that we made to listing pages was adding the same Jumbo Share counter that we have on the blogs. It’s that thing right under the title of all blog posts and vendor listings that shows how many times the page has been shared on Social Media. I was super stoked about getting this added to Vendor Listings — it makes it so much easier for couples planning their weddings to bookmark a listing with Pinterest, or share it with their partner via Facebook. I wanted to share a few ways that vendors can really make the most of that share count.