A peek behind the curtains at Offbeat Bride Tribe moderation

So much of what happens with online community management and moderation happens behind the scenes, just like with any customer service (don’t be fooled, it is definitely customer service). It’s part of the nature of the job and part of what keeps communities running smoothly. Honestly, nobody needs to see all the dirty laundry. The point is for members to see a wonderful community where they can happily frolic, post, and share their lives. A moderator’s job is to make sure that for the average member, everything is rainbows, unicorns, robots and probably a Tardis for good measure if it can be arranged.

Unfortunately it isn’t all sunshine and lollipops for moderators when something requires action. Hard calls have to be made and members only see a portion of what goes into a decision which can sometimes make them think moderators don’t care or are just control freaks. That means sad pandas and potentially some anger and frustration. Here’s an illustration of what I mean (no moderators were harmed in the writing of this scenario).


The biggest business mistake I ever made

I started the Offbeat Bride Tribe on a whim as a way to test out a platform I was curious about, and I have regretted it ever since because A) community platforms suck and B) community management is emotionally difficult for me.