New templates launched on five of our sites!

After months of design and development work, this morning we launched a brand new blog template live across five of the six Offbeat Empire sites. I wanted to share a little bit of the thinking behind some of the aspects of the redesign, so that you understand what my goals were behind some of the changes.

Testing new mobile-friendly template

I'm working with our new contract dev (hi, Kellbot!) today to test our new mobile-friendly template here on the offbeatempire.com, so if you're browsing via mobile, you might notice some big changes (and significant bugs). We're working through some fixes on the web and mobile templates over the next couple days, so give us a while for the dust to settle. Once we've got things cleaned up, I'll be taking bug reports… and once things look solid on offbeatempire.com, we'll be rolling the new templates out across the Empire.


Attention business owners: don't force people to use the phone

Because most of my readers are Millennials, and most Millennials hate talking on the freaking phone. (At 37, I'm firmly a member of Gen X, but even *I* hate talking on the freaking phone!) If you want to talk to us on the phone before buying an ad, then chances are you want to talk to potential clients on the phone to sell them your services… and chances are our readers aren't going to want to talk to you, and they're not going to become one of your clients, and nobody wins. It's just not a good fit.