5 ways to use Pinterest's Source page to market your business

Have you ever visited Pinterest's "Source" page for your website? This is the page that displays the most recent pins sourced from your website. You find it by going to http://pinterest.com/source/[your URL].

I am obsessed with Offbeat Bride's source page at http://pinterest.com/source/offbeatbride.com, and it's one of my most frequently visited pages. I don't even visit Pinterest.com any more — I've bookmarked Offbeat Bride's source page, and it's one of the most effective ways I have of marketing my business. Here's how…

What's your marketing budget?

A colleague asked me this morning what my marketing budget was for the Offbeat Empire. I was completely stumped.

"…My marketing budget?" What is this, amateur hour?

"Like, what percentage of your monthly budget goes toward social media optimization, or search engine ads, or content marketing?"

"OH!" I said. "You mean my salary. I do all the marketing for my business. I don't pay for search engine ads, I do all my own social media work, and I let the content market itself."

Wait, is my monthly salary really my business's marketing budget?


Vendors: What's your favorite method for attracting new clients?

As some of y'all know, we're going to be doing more posts on the Offbeat Empire that cater to our surprisingly huge, awesome community of non-icky WIC business folks — ie, the offbeat wedding industry small business owners. We've actually got pages of wedding business advice posts already, but we're going to be doing lots posts here on offbeateempire.com. I want to be doing lots more marketing and business advice, but I also just want to get to know you guys a little better. We've gotten several requests for an offbeat wedding vendor community, and I'm aiming to have the Offbeat Empire blog act as that!

So, in the interest of getting to know y'all better, today I don't have advice. Instead, I have a question for you…


Show-don't-tell marketing: how to share your business story with integrity

I spent over a decade in the corporate marketing trenches before I founded the Offbeat Empire. If I learned anything from my time with Microsoft, Amazon, and The Seattle Times, it's this: the best marketing is just about telling a story. Really, all you're trying to do is share stories that potential clients might be interested in and might see themselves in… all with the hopes that those potential clients will themselves become a part of the story.

As a writer, however, I know that it's all about SHOWING (not telling) your stories. Don't just TELL people about your business's new products or values — SHOW them.