Advertising on Offbeat Home & Life: the past and the future (hi, Federated Media!)

Starting today, Offbeat Home & Life has a new third-party advertising partnership with a great San Francisco-based company called Federated Media. I've known about these guys for years, and have a ton of publishing industry colleagues who've worked with them. My friend Choire over at The Awl referred me to Federated this spring, and after lots of conversations and obsessing over traffic and schemes, I've decided to bring Federated Media on as Offbeat Home & Life's advertising partner.


Wrapper ads on Offbeat Home & Life and Offbeat Families

I've had a couple readers write in this morning to report that they're seeing what's known as "wrapper ads" on both Offbeat Home & Life as well as Offbeat Families.

This ad behavior is completely expected on Offbeat Families. BUT! Wrapper ad are absolutely NOT a part of the strategy for Offbeat Home & Life.


Ning, Glam, and the future of the Offbeat Bride Tribe

In fall of 2007, I read an article about a service called Ning, an out-of-the-box social media platform. I thought "Huh, that sounds interesting. Offbeat Bride readers have been asking for a forum. Maybe I'll fiddle with Ning for a bit."

That curiosity has lead to four years, 20,000+ members, and a LOT of frustration. The concept behind Ning has always been interesting — a hosted social network that anyone can set up. It's got blogs, forums, events, groups, member networking, yadda yadda. It all sounds quite good. Unfortunately, however, the execution of Ning's feature set has always left a lot to be desired. Also unfortunately, once I set up the Offbeat Bride community, my readers (now members) made it immediately clear that they LOVED IT, and would kill me in my sleep if I ever took it away. Ha ha ha? Actually, I'm not kidding. I've heard again and again that the Offbeat Bride blog is fine, but what people REALLY love is the Offbeat Bride Tribe. Which is stuck on Ning.

…which has now been bought.