Favorite comments: Snake pits and freaky kale

For those just joining us, every Friday we have an editorial staff meeting where we talk over company biz, editorial strategies, and gossip about our readers. As part of this meeting, we always talk about some of our favorite comments that have appeared across the blogs. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're beautiful, and sometimes they're ridiculous. This week, they're all three!

Favorite comments this week: layers of incredibly useful

Oh my sweet little bitches, we have made it through the first week of the year! Here at the Empire this means that wedding seasons has kicked off with a BANG, and Offbeat Bride is seeing a big increase in traffic as summer brides start planning their weddings. But everyone's getting back to business across all the sites, which means lots of wonderful comments from y'all, our beloved offbeatlings. Let's take a gander at some of our favorites this week!