Bigger pixels: This week's awesome comments (with bonus reader email!)

The thing about the Empire that you've probably noticed is that we love to talk about, joke about, and post about sexy sex stuff… whether it's featuring a guide to buying bedroom toys, or ogling an Offbeat Bride's amazing rack.

This in mind, it shouldn't be shocking to you that our favorite comments of the week are all about boobs and embarrassing toy stories…


This week's comments: 9-11 remembrance weddings, physical fitness for boys, and your new band name

There are times when I'm reading random gossip blogs (I KNOW! Reading blogs for pleasure! I don't know how I can still do that), and look at the comment sections and am like "Grumble, how did this website win every single hilariously clever commenter every on the internet!?" This week, those commenters were YOU GUYS. There were so many hilarious and awesome comments that I'm not even sure where to start, so let's just hold hands and dance merrily through the wildflowers of y'all's hilariousness at random…


Week in review: adoption, halloween, and when questions as derailing vs respecting

My goodness, what an interesting week on the Empire. I continue to be completely flabbergasted by Offbeat Families' performance, post shut-down. Another old post went viral this week, and the site has made more advertising revenue this month than it ever did when we were actively publishing it. Insane! Offbeat Home & Life is beginning its first ever "patronized" month — I just wrote about that over here and I think it's a pretty important post for Homies to read. As for Offbeat Bride? Eh, it was halloween week, which is always a good time over there… especially since I took some time to post some of our older favorites over on Facebook so it got to be a walk down memory lane.

But now, what of YOU GUYS? What of some of our favorite moments in Offbeat Empire witticisms? Let's look at some of this week's noteworthy comments…