Social Justice League

I love that so many people on the internet are committed to encouraging us all to examine our privilege and carefully consider the ways that words have impact. But there are times when I can see it start to slip into a game, and all-too-often the well-intended corrections have an unhealthy amount of white guilt mixed in. There are times when it feels like checking your privilege has become almost a form of performance art for young white people online.


Urge to spam comments…fading…

One of the kinds of comments that we get pretty frequently on Offbeat Bride are gentle comment spams from real people. These are NOT spam bots trying to sell viagra, they're real folks trying to boost their Google PageRank by comments on other people's blogs. (Tip: this hasn't worked on most blogs since 2005. It's a huge waste of everyone's time to leave meaningless comments on blogs.)

Anyway, these kinds of gentle spams come in clusters, with a business owner blazing through a batch of posts and leaving bland, non-specific feedback on post after post. Here's one recent example that cracked me up because, if you look at the timestamps, you can see that the commenter had less and less to say as their spamming went on…