VENDOR OPEN THREAD: We want to see your styled shoots!

September 23 2013 | arielmstallings
Trash the Dress - Alice in Wonderland
Alice In Wonderland styled shoot by Jenna Michele Photography

I wrote a post today on Offbeat Bride about why we don't publish styled shoots. As I hope I made clear in that post, as a longtime marketing fiend, I personally love seeing styled shoots. I love seeing the kinds of work that offbeat vendors want to be doing — especially vendors who work in more traditional markets, where they just might not have as many opportunities to show off their nontraditional tastes with real clients.

So, yeah: styled shoots are totally great marketing materials, and as someone who loves some good marketing, I love 'em in that context. That in mind, I totally want to see your offbeat styled shoots! Leave a comment with a link to your best styled work, and I'll be featuring some of my favorites here in the Offbeat Empire's Wedding Industry post series

  1. I haven't yet found people in my area who are remotely interested in doing styled shoots. I'm sure they are around. I'm just going to have to to out there more and network. (Milwaukee, WI).

        • Ha! I'm in Milwaukee too! Weird to see us repped so heavy right at the top of the comments. 🙂

          • Woot! It's funny, but also, a couple of weeks ago I did run into a Racine photographer in the chatroom of a CreativeLive webinar. I've been rolling around the internet for years without really running into other local vendors… apparently this is the month.

  2. Hi again, here are two styled shoots. The first one is put together by a local planner ( who dedicates loads of time towards marriage equality for the LGBTQ community and I would love to get her featured as a reward for all her efforts. The second one is the alice in wonderland shoot from a while back, but it fits offbeat's style imo! Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  3. I've had a blast working with a couple different photo groups doing themed and group shoots. Here are a few examples. I love themed weddings and would love to photograph more. I'm especially enamored of all things vintage, steampunk, gothic, and fantasy.

  4. I'm a wedding planner and co-founder of An Awfully Big Adventure: Wedding Planning and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in non-traditional weddings and love doing nerdy stylized shoots! Here is one related to our business name: a Peter Pan themed Backyard Wedding shoot!: More photos from the shoot can be found on our Facebook page:

  5. YAY! I'm a wedding filmmaker (Jakfoto Films – transitioning to The Adventures Of) and I've taken part in a number of styled shoots. Here are a couple "Geek Chic" projects that I think Offbeat Brides will appreciate:

    Doctor Who Wedding Inspiration:
    Game Of Thrones Wedding Inspiration:

    Our videos are based on emotion and STORY, so when I commit to a styled shoot, I know there has to be a story attached to it. That's why I wrote vows for both of these pretend weddings, based on the inspiration material. That's also why I prefer shoots with real couples, not models pretending to be a couple. The best moments are *between* the posed shots!

    I'd also like to note that for both of these shoots I collaborated with photographer Candice Benjamin and a few other vendor friends and we put our own money into making our geeky vision a reality. It's surprising what we came up with on a small budget. For the Doctor Who wedding especially, almost everything we did could easily be replicated, even on a budget. (and if you want to know more about it, I'm happy to answer questions!)

  6. Hey vendors who are commenting! As a lowly un-wedding vendor, please mention in your first sentence what role you played in the styled shoots you're linking (example: Kiera's post above ^^^). I would like to know what I'm looking for pre-click. I assume this will also make it easier for your potential clients (should there be any lurking) to find your work. Gracias!

  7. I'm a custom wedding dressmaker and I always do some sort of styled shoot before the dress goes to the wedding. That way, if the wedding photos turn out to be duds I still have some great shots of each unique dress for my own portfolio.

    I loved the shoot my photographer Kent Corley ( did with my bride Lila Rose! For Lila Rose, I made an 80's inspired hot pink, green, and orange mini dress with a removable train and pleated stand up collar. Oh and a custom veilette. Did I mention the space bustle?

    Some of the styled studio pics can be seen on my website here:

    Lila Rose is currently gathering her pitch together to have the wedding featured on your blog, so keep an eye out for it!

  8. Like you said we don't often get to choose what we do for clients. Many times their choices are absolutely beautiful, but sometimes it is fun to do our own thing. Here is a link to a bright colored paisley styled shoot we did this April. I think it is a modern way to do pink without being too girly. Hope you like it.

    We were also featured in a local magazine (Reno Mag) last year with a Great Gatsby styled shoot. Here is that link.–2012/index.html#26

  9. This Valentine's blog entry was a sort of love letter/eye candy for my clients. All of the photos came from a styled shoot with a former Offbeat Bride client as the model. I am the photographer, but I also created the headpiece, wristlet and headpiece, as well as styled the wings from a repurposed Victoria's Secret display that I found on eBay, which are atttached by an ostrich feather boa that I found for $15 on craiglist.

  10. Well, Im guessing you just want wedding inspiration shoots, if so, Ill offer up these Marie Antoinette bridals….
    Gothic wedding couple in a cemetery

    But if you are looking for other fun stuff – twisted fairytales, seven deadly sins and the like, then check out my facebook page: Addie Talley, Photographer or the blogs: or

  11. Here's a link to an Alice in Wonderland styled shoot that I put together earlier this year. I designed and made all the gowns, hair pieces and accessories. I love working on styled shoots, but generally don't do weddingy ones.

    I've also been involved in a vintage high tea shoot and a shoot for a friend who makes amazing cupcakes recently too. I made all the hair pieces and accessories for both of these –

  12. For the month of October, Sparkle Bridal Couture, a plus size bridal shop in Sacramento, invited me to display a Steampunk themed wedding window showcase. This display features invitations, menus, place cards, a cake, a bridal bouquet and much more!

    This is the Flickr photo set:

    This is Sparkle's Pinterest board:

    My blog post:

    There will be a video to accompany this. When it is finalized I will link to it as well.

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