Steal This Process: Online indie biz ecourse starting January 6th, 2014 (+ an Empire discount!)

Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Jan 3 2014)
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steal-this-processListen up, my fellow offbeat small business owners. This post is totally for all of you biz owners, creative types, and ambitious folk with big goals, big dreams, lots of ideas (but maybe rough times with follow-through)…

Every once and a while I hear about one of my colleagues offering something y'all are going to love, and in today's case, it's a longtime, long-adored Offbeat Bride sponsor who's branching out into offering a business course online. You guys, this is basically the small business ecourse I would offer if I could get off my butt and offer ecourses… and as an added bonus, there's a registration discount for Offbeat Empire readers.

Ok, so remember e.m.papers? Well, Eleanor Mayrhofer, the woman behind the business, is offering a six week online course on time and project management and productivity for indie businesses — AND IT STARTS NEXT WEEK! Each week, she'll be releasing a course module jammed with videos, lessons and activities, reference resources, and an exclusive interview from inspiring people in the indie business world.

With Eleanor's Steal This Process course, students are led through how to do the hard stuff like set meaningful goals, figure out what they need to do to meet those goals, set up a plan for the year, as well as how to develop "just in time" plans each month and week. The course aims to help y'all not just get productive, but STAY productive… teaching participants how to review, assess and make adjustments to their business goals.

Part of what I love about this course is that Eleanor's background is so similar to mine — a former corporate warrior who's made the transition to indie business ownership. She spent ten years at a large digital firm digging into project management and productivity processes… and I love that she's helping other small biz folks translate those lessons into their smaller businesses. Basically, she worked for the man so you don't have to! As Eleanor says:

When I transitioned out of the corporate digital media world and into the indie business universe, it felt like coming home. I'm excited by like-minded people that are striking out on their own and making it happen, but I noticed many struggling with getting everything done or structuring their work efficiently to maximize the time they had.
Photo by Eleanor by Matthias Kirsch
Photo by Eleanor by Matthias Kirsch

Clearly she knows: dreaming up the business is the easy part. Actually sticking to structuring your work to make it HAPPEN is the hard part. This is a woman after my own heart, and Steal This Process looks amazing.

Who this course is for…

  • People that have no idea about how to get organized and, for the most part, are a business of one.
  • Self-employed business owners (service or product based), indie business owners, creative types
  • People who  want to get organized but don't know how or where to start
  • Beginners
  • People who enjoy learning at their own pace

The Steal This Process runs January 6 – February 14, 2014 and is all online — while you do at your own pace, you're definitely held accountable for your work. After the course is over, you get a The Steal This Process Kit so you can brush up on what you learned in class. Oh, and what was that about a discount for friends of the Offbeat Empire?

Steal This Process costs $99, but Offbeat Empire readers get a 10% discount when they enter coupon code OBE at checkout!

So, Etsy sellers, makers, aspiring small biz owners — are you listening? Are you ready? Go sign up today.

  1. Um, absolutely YES. Thank you for sharing this! I'm a recent business owner (helping Pop transition into retirement = me taking over the family business), and everything I need and want to do just seems overwhelming! Plus I've been out of school for years and am itching to take some new classes. So excited! 🙂

  2. This sounds pretty great! I've noticed that there's often a lot of shit you have to do to do the stuff you love, and most of us who are trying to do the stuff we love aren't that good at the rest of the stuff, so it's neat that someone has figured this out and is willing to pass on their wisdom! I'll definitely be looking at my budget, and probably I'll take this! Thanks for finding this (and the discount is pretty sweet, too!) 🙂

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