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August 30 2011 | arielmstallings
Empire types for hire! By: Tama LeaverCC BY 2.0
The Offbeat Empire is staffed by a shifting team of a half-dozen or so independent contractors. I don't have "employees" really — I have contracted staff members who work part-time on Empire projects.

And you know what that part-time thing means? It means when they're not working for me, they could be WORKING FOR YOU. Need a corporate photographer? Need a programmer? Need a web developer? These folks all do great part time work for the Empire, and heck: they could do great part time work for you, too. I'm not running a placement agency here, but I did spent five years working in the staffing industry and I can't not spread the word when I know of great people looking for work projects.

So let's take a look at a few of the Offbeat Empire superstars who are looking for additional part-time projects.

Website design: Catherine Clark, Assistant Editor of Offbeat Bride

Catherine's consulting biz, Catbird Media, helps those who want to jump head first into the online space and need guidance to get the look and voice needed for their audience. Services include: website and blog design, search engine optimization, web graphics and illustration, social media consulting, and more. Catherine makes websites happen, especially for the small business who needs an affordable solution with one-on-one, personalized guidance. She also rocked her six-month Offbeat Bride internship so hard that I hired her on less than three months into it. Catherine is based in Chicago, IL. Contact Catherine.

Programming: Rebecca Miller-Webster, former Offbeat Bride intern, and current pinch hit developer

Becca is a programmer with 8+ years experience working in a variety of environments (web, desktop, mobile, consulting, corporate, non-profit etc.) and technologies (.net, Java, Ruby) currently focusing on web development in Ruby on rails, mobile apps, and WordPress development. She has rocked numerous projects for the Empire, including insane data imports, setting up form systems, and plugin development. Becca is based in Brooklyn, NY. Contact Rebecca.

Corporate photography: Stephanie Kaloi, Managing Editor of Offbeat Mama

Ok fine: Stephanie also does wedding and family photography, but you should check out her commercial work. From restaurants, to biology labs, to local shops, and everything in between — the commercial side of White Rabbit Studios can cover anything from product photography to soft openings. Looking to spruce up your website with quality images? She can work with you to capture your vision or help you create one from scratch. Stephanie is based in Huntsville, AL. Contact Stephanie.

(Just don't get any ideas about stealing my peeps for a full-time gig. I WILL CUT YOU IF YOU TAKE AWAY MY SUPERSTARS.)

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