Favorite comments of the week: now with staff interpretive readings

Updated Oct 12 2015

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This week we're going to try something a little different with our noteworthy comment round-up… three of us have chosen to do interpretive readings of our favorite reader comments.

Offbeat Bride

On my tongue-in-cheek post about Offbeat sins, Emmy chimed in with some great perspectives from a more traditional reader. Here's her comment, as interpreted by Catherine, Offbeat Bride Editor and Vendor Relations Manager:

Ok, I just honestly let out the loudest real-life "HAAAA!" with the hand-swipe gesture. Interpretive reading begins… now.

Offbeat Home

Ok, so Megan posted today about some insanely cute forest animal bathroom decor, including this squirrel tissue box holder. Eagle-eyed commenter Lisa shared one of the most amazing Amazon product reviews ever posted, which the site's Managing Editor Megan will read for you here:

Offbeat Empire (but sorta about Offbeat Home)

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about my lingering discomfort with the response to the clickbait I post on Offbeat Families Facebook page. In the comments, I mentioned that thankfully, none of the other Facebook pages get as many weird comments as Offbeat Families. As I said, "I'm not too worried about Offbeat Home & Life because the topics just aren't that sensitive… who wants to hate-read a post about alternative urns!? BORING!" Well, my new BFF Beatrix poked holes in that statement with her hilarious satirical comment that lovingly skewers all of us:


Beatrix, you aren't a community manager by any chance, are you? Because yeah: YOU GET IT. You get it hard.

Your turn

Ok, sweet friends. Anyone inspired to do a dramatic reading of THEIR favorite Offbeat Empire comment? Hell, doesn't even have to be from this week. Find your favorite. Read it on camera. Post a link to your youtube video in the comments. Make us laugh.

    • Yes, please keep this format! It's so good. I love hearing your actual voices so that when I read articles they don't have to sound like me in my own head.

  1. I'm dyinggggggggg over this. Thank you for giving those exclamation points the attention they deserve!!

    I'm no community manager (I dig in the dirt for a living), but chilling on the OBE pages and the tribe has added bite my satirical skills like vinegar to a cucumber.

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