Sneak peek at the relaunch of the Offbeat Bride Tribe

Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Dec 28 2014)

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Oh lord, you guys. It's a race against time to get the Offbeat Bride Tribe relaunched this Tuesday. Parts of it look super slick, but lots of our longtime beloved tools were coded in 2011 and just don't work like they should. We're committed to getting the Tribe back online on December 30th because I feel very strongly about restoring the safe space that Tribe members have come to rely on… but oh man, we're going to be doing a lot of clean-up after things launch. I'm begging Tribe members to be gentle with us after relaunch.

THAT SAID. There are some things that look really fucking cool, and I wanted to share a few sneak peeks.

Ooh, lookit the journals page now!

journals archive

Journal entry pages

I love how each journal starts with the author's bio so that you can immediately get some context on the Tribe member behind the post:
journal screenshot

Also, check out those fancy notifications! Cute little green flags. Adorbz!

Sweet auto-complete mentions

I love how when you mention someone from the Tribe's main page, the Tribe recognizes who you're talking about. This isn't a screenshot from the Tribe, but this is how it now works:


Anyway! We're going to be working down to the wire on this one, and doing a significant amount of heavy-lifting after the relaunch on Tuesday. Again, I'm begging members to be patient with us. The Tribe is a free tool, and this relaunch sets the stage for us to do some reeeeally cool things with it, but there's no denying the road might be a bit bumpy here for a couple weeks. My developer and I both worked through the holidays to get this up for y'all on time, and while I'm frustrated that we're not able to get it in a bit shinier state, it's really important to me that we get it back online quickly, warts and all. Thanks in advance to everyone for their patience!

    • I'm excited and scared… I want everyone to love it, but I'm worried it's going to be a bit of a shit show for the first stretch here. *nervous*

      • You've done a major overhaul. Some crazy stuff in the beginning is to be expected. I think (hope) people will be cool about it.

      • Thank you for dedicating your time and energy so that we can get back on the Offbeat Bride Tribe as soon as possible. I'm super appreciative to have an online community that is so supportive. I've done some coding in my time and could barely get the basics down, so know that you have at least one person who has complete empathy for your anxiety.

  1. I am super pumped about this!! It looks so pretty!

    As @SarahBiz said, you guys have done a major overhaul. A bumpy road is to be expected. 🙂

  2. Wow, I love it!
    I hope that the activity history will work better now. I don't know if it was a common problem, but apart from my own journal posts, when searching my activity history I could only see the most recent and not allllllll of it since the very beginning. I never thought to report the issue thou… my bad, I suppose.

    • Fingers crossed that it works better. We're wiping the history slate clean, and starting from scratch… so if nothing else, it'll be way easier to troubleshoot.

  3. This looks beautiful! I am totally willing to put up with some work in progress stuff to get this beauty in my life…. I love the new redesign! The mobile first sensibility was done so well and it's still great when using a browser from the computer.

  4. Nifty shit like this makes me so bummed that I was already settling comfortably into "old married lady" territory by the time I found the Offbeat Empire! Alas! Hubs and I got married in 2004, and I didn't find you guys until I was starting to feel clucky in 2008!
    Either way, I love that you're so transparent about the nuts'n'bolts of stuff like this! It's neat to get a peek at stuff I never would have wondered about, were it not for you!

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