Noteworthy comments: From shark attacks to snark attacks

Sometimes reading comments on the internet can feel like this.
Sometimes reading comments on the internet can feel like this.
This week on the Empire we tackled some serious topics: Shark attacks, parental expectations, and explored why people love to snark on other people's weddings. All of these posts produced some awesome comments that included parties to celebrate sad things, an offbeat wedding idea from Offbeat Families, and a deeper exploration as to how the internet encourages snark attacks.

Offbeat Home

I celebrated Shark Week by telling the Homies about how we throw an annual party to commemorate the day that guy I married was attacked by shark — The Shark Attackiversary. Which begged the question, does anyone else throw parties to commemorate traumatic events? Homie "Mrs" told us the a sad-but-sweet story…

My boss was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago and was told she wouldn't see the Spring of the following year. When the first day of Spring came around the following year she celebrated with flowers and raw vegan food for whole the staff team. We celebrated that the first day of Spring each year until she passed. Some people remember her by her birthday or the day she passed away, but I always remember her by the first of Spring.

Offbeat Families

How many of you wish your parents had written this article for Offbeat Families?: I have zero expectations about my daughter's future relationships. That's just fucking awesome, right? But the best part about that post, is that it produced this comment from reader Claudia:

I have long said that I am not going to 'dream about my daughter's wedding day'. Whether she wants to marry a nice Jewish boy in the Park Lane Hilton or her girlfriend at a San Francisco leather bar with a bridal party of leather daddies, or not marry at all, is entirely her business.
(OK, to be honest I'd probably prefer the leather bar wedding to Park Lane, it'd be loads more fun)

Now THAT is a wedding I'd want to feature on Offbeat Bride.

Speaking of Offbeat Bride…

Ariel wrote a thoughtful post about why the internet loves snarking about weddings. Of course it's not just weddings that the interwebz likes to be a jerk about — the internet is where jerks go to be jerks about everything. This idea was super well-articulated by longtime reader BlueCanary in a comment that could probably be its own stand-alone post! Here's a small selection of said rockin' comment:

Now, if we have a mean thought, a difference of opinion, or don't approve of someone's choices, we just vomit it out all over the keyboard. We don't have to see the hurt our words cause. We don't have to back our snark up with potential escalation in person, possibly in front of a crowd of people who would be horrified to hear the argument we would cause. We use fake names and false identities and strike out at each other without guilt or fear of real conflict…

Weddings carry a huge amount of emotional baggage for almost everyone, and many people have strong opinions about them. I don't get sites that trash other people's weddings; I'm a "not my jam but whatever" type of girl. I try not to be shitty on the internet as much as possible; but I can certainly see how there's also a kind of mob mentality element to it. Someone (ahem, Jezebel) posts a nasty article about a seemingly pretentious Special Snowflake wedding; someone makes a nasty comment; someone else agrees; the snark starts to pile up, and suddenly it's a free-for-all with everyone having a grand old time saying horrible hurtful anonymous shit that they face no consequences for.

Oh but there's so much more to that comment to which Ariel's response was perfect: "*fist bump on every account*"

In fact, fist bumps to all these comments, and to all of you who take the time to comment.

Your turn: What were your favorite comments this week?