HOLY SH!tB@ALLS and editorial meeting re-enactments

Updated Oct 12 2015


Oh hi. Wait, what? It's summer, which means my postings here on the Empire get a little sparser because I'm, you know, actually leaving the house sometimes to go for walks or go camping or take selfies or whatever. BUT! This week I made staffers promise that we'd do favorite comments, because they're fun and ridiculous.

Offbeat Bride

First up, did you SEE the wedding we posted on Offbeat Bride today? Holy fantastical fucknards. Holy groom codpiece. Holy Mother of the Bride in full historical regalia. Holy Ork-themed food. Catherine sums up the comment thread:

Offbeat Home

Meanwhile, over on Offbeat Home & Life, Megan did a post about sloth shower curtains. Ashley commented, "I have the most amazing image of the Offbeat Home editorial team, planning your week of posts…" and then shared her intepretation of how this post was pitched. Megan and I have now faithfully recreated Ashley's interpretation for you here, complete with Megan's best Kristen Bell impression:

  1. Ahaha … I totally sent that wedding to my bf with the caption "Holy balls, if you're going to do a fantasy wedding, this is the way to do it!"

  2. While actually seeing the faces and hearing the voices of the fabulous Offbeat Staff is wonderful, could there be text transcriptions? I'm frequently not in a place to watch videos, but still want to read about the best comments.

    • The sad truth is that we already barely have the time to make these videos… they're something we do goofily for the fun of it, and transcription just is out of scope for the time we've got available. If transcription is a make or break deal for a number of folks, we'd probably just opt not to do videos. Sorry. šŸ™

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