Favorite comments: the second most magical place on earth, poop, and MORE

June 6 2014 | arielmstallings
From left to right: Wolfgang, Caroline, Ariel, and Megan.
From left to right: Wolfgang, Caroline, Ariel, and Megan.

Another week of Offbeat Empire comments, and another week of dramatic interpretations by Offbeat Empire staff! This week we have the debut video from Offbeat Bride's newest editor, Chris Wolfgang. (She's the one who produces the pretty posts in our wedding porn category — you may remember her "peacock wet dream" reference this week?) Also in attendance via video this week: the Managing Editor of Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Home & Life, Megan; as well as Caroline, our copyeditor, assistant editor of Offbeat Home, and resident Mistress of the Dark; and me.

Trivia: half of of these editors have not showered today. Can you tell which ones?

Offbeat Home & Life

On this post about smartphone etiquette, there were lots of great comments about how not to be "that guy." Wolfgang was especially taken by Okaybear's comment… which you'll be feeling if you've ever worked in the service industry:

Ok, so a couple years ago we did this post about very black bedrooms. In an amazing example of why you should ALWAYS COMMENT when a post resonates with you (even if it's an older post) this comment basically has changed our copyeditor Caroline's life:

And finally, Megan, filming in her bathroom for reasons that make sense because her favorite comment was on this post about Star Wars bathrooms:

Offbeat Bride

I love a reader with a filthy mind, even when they comment on Facebook. To understand this comment, you need to see these Disney-style napkin ring holders we featured:
marriage can be messy napkin rings

Now, let's talk about the second most magical place on earth:

What were your favorite comments this week? Which awesome comments did we miss?

  1. I don't like the best comment videos because I can't watch them on my phone, so I end up just not seeing them at all. Any way you could put the text comment or link to the comment along side the videos?

  2. Aghh, I thought that's what they were too, maybe it's because the article about protecting your mattress from messy sex is still fresh in my mind.

    (Ariel, I've never seen you on video before, your voice sounds EXACTLY as I imagined)

  3. Day. Made.
    I can't wait for husband to get home so I can tell him that his poops have achieved internet fame

  4. These are the best! Ariel, your eyebrow wiggling makes me happy 🙂

    And Caroline, you're awesome. You're adorable wrapped up in black and fishnet, and I LOVE it.

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