Noteworthy comments: Rolling carts, role reversals, and stretchy brains

October 4 2013 | meggyfin

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.23.39 AMWhew, it's been a big week up in the Offbeat Empire. We retired a much-reader-beloved site, started running family content on Offbeat Home, and started accepting much-reader-demanded donations.

But never-you-fear, some things shall remain the same: We're still featuring our noteworthy comments!

This week we have role reversals on Bride, booze-y goodness on Home, and brain stretching on the Empire…

Offbeat Empire

We made two big announcements on this business blog, and y'all were awesome enough to talk us through them. One of the things we wrestled a bit with was the idea of using Tugboat Yards to accept reader donations. And we loved the feedback we got. Especially this comment within a comment from reader KT:

I'm single, never married, no children and read all of the sites daily… have for more than 3 years. I am not even Offbeat-lite but get a lot of valuable brain-stretching here!!! I'm more than hooked!

I agree with Anie
"I have been one of the major pushers for this and I am totally going to sign up for the monthly $5 deal. That's what my husband donates to NPR each month and the rational is the same. I consume this product daily. I want it to stick around. I owe it money."

Offbeat Home

Through Tugboat Yards we referred to the $5 donation as "buy an editor a drink." Which ties in nicely to this Offbeat Home tour, where reader Justanothersciencenerd asked a very important question:

Where did you get the wheel-y cart o' booze?

The answer: Ikea

But "wheel-y cart o' booze"!? I feel like we should have a $50 Tugboat Yard donation to "buy an editor a wheel-y cart o' booze.

Offbeat Bride

From rolling carts to role-reversals… Ariel wrote "Not being given away: how I skipped the aisle-walking drama" and the very first comment was an aisle walking arrangement that I can easily say I've never heard of before:

I thought like you. The only person who could "give me away" was me, because by my wedding, no one owned me or was responsible for me. I planned on walking down the aisle by myself. Then Husband decided he wanted his ex-wife to give him away. I enjoyed the logic of that, so I was all for it. I figured I could stand at the front with the officiant. Yay role-reversal!

Yay role-reversal, yay great relationship with an ex, and yay comments and all those who comment!

  1. Oh my god, the ex-wife giving away the husband is amazing! When I first heard role reversal I immediately remembered giving my dad away (walking him down the aisle) at his second wedding, when I was 12. There have been a few weddings where the bride's son gave her away, so there's a switch if the groom has children too. Though my stepmom entered last anyway.

    I love the idea of switching who goes down the aisle first–none of that "here comes the bride OMG stand up and ogle her dress while her new husband receives her,"* but it's a fun way to acknowledge a past relationship evolving into a new one.

    *Note: it's okay if you like that moment when the bride enters last! I just know that it's very much not my own thing, when the time comes.

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  2. It's not quite a role "reversal", but we totally turned the aisle on its head by having our respective siblings "give us away". First of all, it was totally egalitarian because we *both* walked down with siblings, rather than it just being a bride thing. And I figured, the concept of officially allowing someone else to be your sibling's biggest pain in the ass (kidding!) is pretty awesome. I'm actually tearing up a little just thinking back about it. Of course, it only works because we're both from families of two kids – but I think a gang-walk down the aisle with tons of sibs could also be really awesome and hilarious.

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  3. The ex giving away thing happened on Friends!

    At Carol and Susan's wedding, Carol's parents disapproved and refused to walk her down the aisle (or attend the wedding at all), so Ross offered. And if I recall correctly, Susan had both her parents walk her down the aisle.

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  4. Friends of mine got married last year and her ex husband "gave her away". Except when they got to the end of the aisle, he "refused" to give her up and a cap-gun duel ensued. Obviously the new groom prevailed, the ex was "dragged" off stage right, and the wedding resumed. Hilarious on all accounts, and made for some great photography!

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  5. OMG Thanks for the link to the wheely cart o' booze! I wont use it for booze as I know me + booze + wheels = disaster (Thanks shopping cart fiasco of 2009!)

    I totally want to use that as my "desk". I'm trying to minimize the space I use for my work space. My desk is just a place to pile junk, and then I sit on the couch and work…. If I had a cart with my supplies and some files I could roll over to the couch then roll away when I was done I would be 1000x more efficient, and I know if I limit the space to pile shit, it gets dealt with so much faster!!!

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  6. My first ever comment gets posted on the weekly noteworthy comments??? Woo hoo!!!! I feel like an OBE Super Star!!!

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