Ning Tribe taken offline 5 weeks earlier than expected

August 29 2012 | offbeatbride

So, I had it on my calendar: Old Ning Tribe account expires 10/1/2012. Then today it came to my attention that no, actually the final date Ning had on the account was this weekend. This means Ning took the old Tribe offline as of today.

While I wish I'd had the time to do one last "No seriously, it's going offline!" announcement before it was taken down, ultimately it's been 9 months since the migration from Ning to the new Tribe. I apologize to anyone who wasn't able to retrieve their content off the Tribe before it was taken offline, but we did extensive messaging during the migration last winter about the site being archived and I'm hopeful that most folks got what they needed off the old site many months ago.

RIP Ning Tribe, 2007 – 2012. It was a rough few years. May you rest in digital peace.

  1. That's only 3 days earlier….

    (Ning IS a pain, though. I never used the tribe but I've taken classes there and blerg.)

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