Plugins: mobile site, pinning from images, and copyediting

December 14 2012 | offbeatbride
By: Jukka ZittingCC BY 2.0
As if this week wasn't crazy enough with the reader survey going on (you HAVE taken it, right?), there was also a new version of WordPress released. As part of the update, we updated several of our plugins and added a couple news ones. Here's what you might be noticing:

  • The biggest issue is that the newest version of our mobile plugin, WPTouch Pro, caused huge drama for our server, pulling the Empire down several times this week before we disabled the plugin completely. For now, we're using a simplified mobile template for all Empire sites. The timing on this is particularly bad because we've gotten a LOT of feedback via the reader survey that y'all want MORE mobile options — and here we are being forced to offer less. Hopefully we'll have this resolved soon.
  • We also added a new Pinterest plugin to all the sites. When you mouse over a full-size image on an Offbeat blog, you should see a little Pin button that you can click to immediately pin the image. We're seeing a few images where this doesn't seem to work quite as we'd expect (images embedded from Flickr, especially), but we're giving it some time to see how it settles in.
  • There's also the new custom-developed Crowdsource Copyediting plugin that we launched, although only on the Offbeat Empire for now. See the little button at the end of this post? If you highlight post text and then click the button, it autopopulates so that you can offer a copyediting fix. Or you can type the text in manually. Many thanks to our resident rock star, J.M. Dodd, for whipping this one up. Give it a try! Hopefully we'll be in a place to test the plugin Empire-wide next month…
  1. OH MAN am I excited about the copyediting plugin. You guys are usually good about that sort of stuff, but I missed Editz.

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    • The plugin is still VERY early in its development, and isn't quite as automated as Editz was… but it's still better than leaving a comment or sending an email.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated on all the behind the scenes stuff.
    I was wondering why the mobile sites were looking boring and not as easy to navigate today.
    But that's much better than it crashing the whole server!

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    • Yeah, we're going to be testing a fix later on today so hopefully the mobile version will be back up to snuff soon.

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  3. I haves teh Pin-It Shoe Post Herpes. All the Times, not just for teh mouse caress. I can haz fixes?

    (translated- Th "Pin It!" Message is eclipsing the shoes. You asked us to comment, so I have. Best of luck, and thank you for your awesome!)

    • Can you give me a little more info so I can do some troubleshooting?
      1. What operating system do you use (ie, Windows 8 or Vista; or Mac)?
      2. What browser do you use? And which version?
      3. Do you see the issue when you try using another browser on your same computer?
      4. Do you see the "pin it" button on ALL images, or only those shoe post images?

      Once I've got some more information, hopefully I can get it fixed for ya!

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