This week's best comments: married life, reproductive habits, and metaphorical place mats

November 2 2012 | offbeatbride
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Another week of incredible, hilarious, insightful, amazing comments on the Offbeat Empire. Join us for another week with my editors as they wrangle up their favorite comments across our blogs…

Offbeat Bride:

On the post about dealing with people's expectations of how "married ladies" are supposed to act, there were two great zingers about how to answer the question, "How's married life?"

Sarkat had this zinger:

Yeah. I've been getting a lot of the half joking "How's married life?"
Shortly after my wedding, a friend asked "So, how's your newfound wifeliness?"
And I said "It's a lot like my previous co-habiting girlfriendliness, except with dental insurance." This is pretty much how I answer all such questions.

Sylvia provided this response, which I think Offbeat Mama readers are going to love:

I get a lot of "How's married life?"
and I reply
"The same, except people have started being nosy about our reproductive habits now."


Offbeat Mama:

Speaking of Offbeat Mama and reproductive habits, on a post about choosing adoption over pregnancy, PlanningAhead had this great observation:

…it's not often that media reflects my understanding that wanting to parent does not (even in a bio-female, presumably fertile, in a stable partnership) have to equal wanting to bear children. I too plan to adopt in a couple of years, and I've wanted this since my teenage years.

Offbeat Home:

Meanwhile, we compared notes on creating space for your sanity-beverages. Somehow, a placemat under the place where you assemble your caffeine-making supplies really matters. Why? As JB said,

I really do love the fact that the mat makes the space. It says 'I keep this here' instead of 'I left this here'.

If only it was always as easy as slapping a placemat under something to make it clear that it's intentional. I need some sort of larger-picture metaphorical placemat to set under my entire life. MAYBE THE OFFBEAT EMPIRE IS MY PLACE MAT.

  1. Ha! Ariel, did you choose that photo on purpose? That's the flatware I e-mailed you about a couple weeks ago! 🙂

    1 agrees
    • I totally noticed that! That post is still being drafted, so this felt like a little tease in my brain (although about 3 people will get it — YOU BEING ONE!).

    • rotflmao, me too Dootsie! That is precisely how I live. Though it looks like chaos, I am the best "finder" in my entire social circle, so to me, it's no biggie.

  2. Love sylvia's reply. strange people have stopped asking us, sorta. Mostly they ask us about the building work going on at the moment but just waiting for the baby Q's again.

    We don't know, we'll tell you if and when we decide.

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