Pinterest's "rich pins" and you: how to get that nifty info into your pins

November 11 2013 | bijouxandbits
This cat ring knows how to get rich.
This cat ring knows how to get rich.
If you're a Pinterest user, you may have already noticed changes to certain types of pins. Recipes, movies, articles, and products are showing more content in what Pinterest has dubbed "rich pins." You can now include price, availability, and where to buy it on the pin itself.

But the BEST part is that a user who has pinned your product will get an email notification if you lower the price! Not only will it will remind that user that the product is still available for purchase, but that it's also cheaper! Hell yes. Here's how to get this feature on your website.

1. Create a business account
This allows you to track your analytics and engagement like repins, impressions, most repinned pins, clicks, and visitors. It's super fascinating! Ariel uses this feature constantly to see what users are sharing.


2. Configure your site for rich pins
This part gets pretty technical, so you might need to enlist the help of a friendly neighborhood developer. You can utilize either oEmbed or Semantic Markup to create the metadata that can be pulled into the pin. Here's the tutorial, if you're game to get into the nitty-gritty. Otherwise, pass it along to your web gurus.

3. Validate your URLs to make sure they work as rich pins
Once all the code has been setup on your site, Pinterest provides this handy link validator to make sure everything is working correctly.


4. Start pinning and marketing!
Once you've got your product pages validated, you're ready to start pinning and including them in all your marketing avenues. Don't forget that Pinterest has made it really easy to pin and repin from mobile devices, so take advantage of that.

Speaking of Pinterest marketing, if you want to reach the Offbeat Empire's 37,000 Pinterest followers, get in touch!

  1. Thank you, I just converted my pinterest account to a business account! Next I need to tackle the source page.

  2. I so wish that more sites were using rich pins. For one thing, I'm like @Alyssa and it sucks having to fix things. But getting sale notifications would be awesome.

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