Outtakes from the Pushba shoot

October 28 2011 | offbeatresilience
No, no wait -- I swear I can do Serious Face if I try hard enough
So, I already wrote about the behind-the-scenes perspective of what it was like coordinating the Pushba photo shoot in New York a few weeks ago.

(Summary: it was really difficult! Coordinating concept fashion shoots is not my strong suit, and likely not anything I'll ever do again.)

Given that the concept of the shoot was sort of vintage and noir and mostly about SERIOUS FACE, we actually spent of lot of time cracking up and giggling.

I thought y'all might get a laugh out of some of the outtakes that Nelson Lauren got from the shoot…

Evelyn the stylist trying to show me how to pose, as Pushba looks on. I never did figure out how to pose, which is further evidence of the fact that I should stick to web publishing and leave the modeling to the Russian professionals.

Oh, and here's some more failing at Serious Face:

Here's Pushba and I cracking up over something that Evelyn was doing with one of our skirts. That's the back of her head down there.

Oh, and I have to include a shot of Pushba with G. D. Falksen, who was acting as Evelyn's assistant for the shoot:

Height differential
Six foot four vs Five feet zero

Special thanks to…

For all the shots from the shoot (and the story of my taking Pushba to a piano bar to sing showtunes), head over to Offbeat Mama. And WHEW: this is absolutely the last post you'll get out of me about fashion shoots.

  1. I must say, from an editorial standpoint, kudos for splitting the post into three and linking/crossposting to each site…that way there are multi clicks! Smarty-smart pants, you are.

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