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Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Feb 24 2011)
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I am up to my eyeballs in editorial process, mah bitches! 2011 is the year of the editorial and I am FEEEEELING IT. You should see the editorial process I'm developing.

Oh wait, you're interested in such things? Behold the process I'm currently working on with my editors.

Weekly schedule

To space out reviewing/revising work through-out the week, I'm proposing waves of editorial due dates:

Monday: All sites pitch future ideas to Ariel via email
Wednesday: Home & Families editorial calendars due (revisions happen Thur/Fri)
Thursday: Bride editorial calendar due (revisions happen Fri/Sun)
Friday: All Families & Home posts finalized
Sunday: All Bride posts finalized

Post process cycles

I'm focusing on naming each step, and trying to make better use of WP's post status options.

  • Pitch cycle: email Ariel with this subject line as a template: Home Pitches: Feb 21-26
  • Production cycle: produce post / schedule date / save as "Pending Review"
  • Send weekly editorial schedule using this subject line as a template: "Bride Editorial Calendar: Feb 14-18"
  • Review cycle: Caroline makes copyedits, Ariel reviews posts, leaves edit flow notes
  • Revision cycle: integrate all edits, leave edit flow comment noting updates made
  • Schedule cycle: Ariel leaves edit flow notes with approval / managing editor saves post as "Scheduled"

Example life cycle of a Bride post

Here's how things might go for a post on Offbeat Bride
Monday: included in pitch email, and approved by Ariel (pitch cycle)
Wednesday: produced and scheduled for following Thursday, with status set to Pending Review (production cycle)
Thursday: copyedited by Caroline (review cycle)
Friday: Reviewed by Ariel, who notes edits. (review cycle)
Friday: Make Ariel's revisions, leave comment noting edits made. (revision cycle)
Sunday: Ariel confirms revisions, gives final approval. Set status to Scheduled. (schedule cycle)
Following Thursday: post goes live

A note about exceptions & timely posts

Last minute posts totally can and should happen! While it's great to have the week all scheduled out in advance, we also want to be nimble and timely. I don't want this cycle to make it feel a post will always take 10 days to go live on the site — this IS, after all, BLOGGING … push-button publishing is awesome, and don't be afraid to email me and say "omg, we totally have to do a post about this thing that just showed up in the flickr pool." I'm 100% all for it!!

Despite this perhaps overly-thought-out editorial process, I'm still a flailing mess trying to keep up with content on three sites. Something's definitely gotta give, cuz I'm not sure I can edit 40 posts a week.