Offbeat wedding market lesson #5: your personality matters (a lot)

October 26 2012 | offbeatresilience

Today is the final day of my week-long series about the market research released by Liene Stevens of Think Splendid about the nontraditional wedding market. All week, I've been putting on my demographer's hat and highlighting five unique aspects of the nontraditional wedding market. For this final post, let's talk about how much a vendor's personality matters to nontraditional clients…

Offbeat wedding market lesson #4: your personality matters (a lot)

This is another one that's initially a no-brainer for me. When clients are hiring vendors to be a part of one of the biggest celebrations of their lives, doesn't it make sense that they'd want vendors who feel like a fit, personality-wise, with the client's community?

Nontraditional couples want vendors who feel like a fit with them. This is why the advertisers who tend to do best with placement on Offbeat Bride are the ones who are somewhat offbeat themselves. On some level, it doesn't even matter if your portfolio is full of nontraditional work — if offbeat clients meet with you and see that you're THEIR PEOPLE, it's going to be a match made in heaven.

Now, this isn't to say that suddenly all nontraditional clients want to be your best friends… although actually, a few of them do:

…my point here is just that the decision to hire a particular wedding vendor is an emotional decision, and your personality is a big part of that emotion. Take the time to truly get to know your potential clients, and get your personality on the table. WARNING: Yes, this means you could lose a few clients who think you're too _______ for their tastes. If you can afford to be a little picky, I think it's preferable to let the clients who aren't a good personality fit pass on by.

My take on this data

Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through your work. This doesn't mean your business's Facebook page should be full of updates from you bitching about your burnt latte or pictures of your kids, but it does mean that you want your particular flavor and take on things to radiate from your marketing materials. Don't be afraid to mention that you spent several years shooting punk shows. Don't be afraid to mention that you co-sponsored your regional ZombieWalk.

This is another piece of data that I relate to very much in my business, as well. I have an understanding with my advertising manager, Kathleen: if in talking to a potential advertiser, their personality doesn't fit with the Offbeat Empire's ethos, it may be an indication that they're not going to be a good fit with the nontraditional clients. When you're working with people, personality fit matters… and I feel like since placement on Offbeat Bride is in part a voucher for certain vendors, we need to make sure we're vouching for folks who we think are going to be a good fit.

Still want to know more about the nontraditional wedding market? You can purchase Liene's whole report from SpendidInsights.

  1. When trawling through all the wedding sites and related ones, it was the ones that came across as more friendly and flexible that I was more interested. They didn't necessarily have to "get" what I was doing, just accept it. Those vendors that I used were so easy to deal with I wondered why the rest weren't!

  2. One super quirky photo among a bunch of more traditional wedding photos was what drew myself towards my photographer choice.
    And then on her blog she mentioned zombies – and I was won over!!

  3. My photographer was extremely excited when K and I explained our wedding and what we wanted out of it. That alone made us love her. Every new idea we had made her squeal with delight and excitement.

    Even if I never talk to her agian, the fact that she showed genuine excitement in our wedding made us want to work with her.

    The same goes for my seamstress who made my dress. From the start we chatted like old friends and she loved my vision.

    In my opinion, it's their reactions to what you want that matter, which I guess ties in with their personalities lol

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