Offbeat vendor love letter: Offbeat Bride vendors rule and mean vendors drool

Updated Oct 12 2015
Guest post by stephanienjer

We love awesome feedback from our Offbeat Empire readers about our Offbeat Empire vendors. From Home to Bride, we pour a lot of love into every advertorial we write. That's why we're happy to share this amazing feedback from Tribesmaid stephanienjer about her experience with floral vendors…

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 9.26.06 AMI have already purchased my invitation design from a vendor I found on Offbeat Bride. I couldn't be happier with them, and their special discount helped, too! But I hadn't considered the option of using an Offbeat Bride floral vendor, since we were trying to keep that local.

We have a flower wholesaler in town, and we wanted to give them our business. We went in several times, and discussed many options. In addition, I conversed with them several times via email, got quotes on each flower per stem, and discussed color options. One day I contacted them and asked when I could come in to finalize all of the details, and pay for the order. I got the answer, "You can come in any time today." Okay, I went after work, and within five minutes of my arrival, I was in tears.

Flowers they promised they could get, they can't now, and not in the colors I want. In addition, their idea of making me feel welcome was to have me stand in the middle of the shop with an associate who had no pen, no pad — nothing with which to take notes about my order. She then proceeded to scold me that I didn't make an appointment. (What did she think I was trying to do when I called?) Then she went in the back at one point and came out with the manager, and they both scolded me!

I felt like my options at this point were to go absolutely Bridethulhu crazy, or break down in tears. I chose tears. They apologized, but still tried to make it sound like it was my fault that I wasn't prepared. Needless to say, I walked out without ordering anything.

Enter another Offbeat Bride vendor: FlowermuseThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them! I found them via an advertorial on Offbeat Bride, and liked what I saw. If you're looking to do some DIY arranging, I recommend you contact them.

The flowers we were hoping to get were grouped in batches of 100 stems, but when I contacted them, they said they were willing to do smaller numbers, AND were willing to mix and match colors and varieties. I am able to get lots more flowers for less money this way. In addition, Gaby from Flower Muse has been nothing but helpful and friendly. I also like that they follow US and EU standards as far as farming. This makes me feel a little more comfortable safety-wise. Their 10% discount for Offbeat Bride readers doesn't hurt, either.

Thanks, Offbeat Bride. When I first started following you, I thought vendors were just a way to pay the bills (which, of course, DOES help), but, the ones I've found and pursued, truly embody the ideology of the site.

They ♥ OBB; we ♥ themThis post features Offbeat Vendors! Check out their vendor listing to see how they cater to Offbeat Brides:

Thanks, stephanienjer! We're super-happy to hear our vendors kick ass. Wanna become an Offbeat Bride vendor and make our readers sing your praises as well? Click here!