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I haven’t launched a new publication since 2011, when quietly came online. And 2020 might not have been a great year for many things, but being stuck at home with a laptop did lend itself well to one kind of thing:


And so create I did. I wrote a book’s worth of essays. I started producing online courses. I recorded guided meditations. I filmed instructional dance videos. I facilitated community discussions, I hosted giveaways, I wrote prayers and pages of resources and guidance.

Where did I publish all these things? Well, they had nothing to do with weddings, so they certainly didn’t go on Offbeat Bride. My essays were all too long, too dense, and too meaty for Offbeat Home. What a weird experience, to be a publisher without a platform that felt like a good fit for my own work.

So I created The Afterglow.

The Afterglow is my private publication platform where I share all my most intimate work.

Yes, that includes a book’s worth of essays about everything from sex and relationships, to death and grief, to spirituality and self-development. But it also includes audiobooks, deleted scenes from my third book From Sh!tshow To Afterglow, and guided meditations. It includes members-only community threads and giveaways, and access to my close-friends list on Instagram.

All members of The Afterglow (Afterglowians? Glowworms?) also get immediate access to my ever-expanding library of online courses, including Lapdances4god, my four-week introduction to how to make a daily devotional dance practice.

Are you noticing what The Afterglow ISN’T?

Unlike all the other Offbeat Empire publications, it’s not a blog. It’s not free. It’s not advertiser-supported.

I’m exploring different revenue models, models that hopefully will allow me to create a place for sustainable, direct connection with the readers who are enthusiastic about my work.

The Afterglow currently has about 150 subscribers. They include readers who’ve been with me for decades, with tons of aging Offbeat Brides who found me when they were planning their weddings back when Obama was in office. But there are also brand new readers who found me via my new book, From Sh!tshow To Afterglow, including the 86-year-old retired defense contractor who had a spiritual awakening after the death of his wife of 65 years.

The Afterglow is a place for folks who want to dig deep into self-inquiry. It’s for folks who remember the Offbeat Bride Tribe and want something that feels sorta like that, but for THIS time in their lives. It’s for folks who have survived a shitshow. It’s for folks who like to are a strange mix of woo and deeply practical. Folks who want like dirty stories, but also Jungian theory.

The Afterglow is basically my favorite place on the internet.

The Afterglow Bundle includes all my latest work, and you get it all for a one-time cost of $247.

You can sign up or get a taste over here.

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