Testing new mobile-friendly template

February 5 2013 | offbeatbride
By: Summer Skyes 11CC BY 2.0
I'm working with our new contract dev (hi, Kellbot!) today to test our new mobile-friendly template here on the offbeatempire.com, so if you're browsing via mobile, you might notice some big changes (and significant bugs). We're working through some fixes on the web and mobile templates over the next couple days, so give us a while for the dust to settle. Once we've got things cleaned up, I'll be taking bug reports… and once things look solid on offbeatempire.com, we'll be rolling the new templates out across the Empire.

This means that for those of you who read the Empire blogs via your phones, things are about to get way more awesome. And yes, eventually even the Offbeat Bride Tribe will be more mobile-friendly — although that may take a couple months, because we're at the whim of BuddyPress releasing their next version.

But for today, we're still working on stuff. Stay tuned!

  1. To reiterate: I'm NOT ready for any kind of feedback or bug reports yet. We're working with a lot of known bugs both on the web and mobile version on the site.

    Once I've got the stuff we know about out of the way, THEN I'll be in a place to take feedback on stuff we might have missed. 🙂

    • Yay! Looking forward to this moving forward and improving user experience. And eventually reducing the number of questions I get about Tribe mobile functionality!!

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