Minglo: We had five-across fun!

April 18 2013 | offbeatbride
Offbeat Empire staff
From left to right: Caroline, Kellbot, Ariel, Stephanie, Megan, Catherine aka Superman. Photo by Jenny GG.

Wait, is it still morning? (No.) Where am I? (Bainbridge Island, in a yurt.) Whose pants am I wearing? (Mine, but they're filthy.) I'm still a little hungover from all the good times I imbibed last night at the Offbeat Empire's party at Raygun Lounge in Seattle.

Many massive thanks to…

Photo by Jenny GG

Our game of hipster bingo, Empire-style (which we called "Minglo") was a raging success, despite me not quite figuring out the rules until the party started. Everyone received a bingo card upon entry, and then went around asking each other inappropriate questions like "Do you have your genitals pierced?" and "Any chance you're lactating?" If you got five squares in a row, you shouted out MINGLO!! and collected sweet-ass prizes from our friends Babeland (vibrating things!), MarMar (cute things!), ZOMGsmells (smelly things!), Turtle Love Co (classy things!).


Hey, is that Tribesmaid AmandaTheGreat?! IT IS!!

The most fun for me was getting to circulate and connect some real-people faces to reader names… Tribe members! Couples whose weddings we've featured! Advertisers I've never met! Working from home is awesome, but getting out of the house to actually, you know, BE WITH PEOPLE was so much fun and made me even more excited for our 2014 schemes to throw wedding shows across America with the Lovesick boys.

Oh, and I posted a few of Jenny GG's party photos on Facebook.

  1. Please make this an annual event! I couldn't go this year (currently both under 21 and very broke) but would like to!

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