Meet the Offbeat Empire's new Vendor Relations Manager, Tiffany!

Updated Oct 12 2015

meet tiffany

Ooh, it's always so exciting when I get to introduce a new Offbeat Empire staffer.

For the past year and a half, my editor Catherine Clark (who I call Superman) has been doing sales for the Empire, while also still producing posts for Offbeat Bride. Catherine is shifting her focus back to editorial and project management work, and so I'm bringing on a new Vendor Relations Manager… meet Tiffany! That's her over up there with the red hair.

Some of you may remember Tiffany from her fabulous Offbeat Home & Life post about her hairless cat smelling like potatoes, but here's more about her:

TiffanyTiffany is coming to you live and in color from New Jersey – complete with big red hair and blue eyeliner! I love unicorns and crystals, and can often be found reading or crocheting at home. I love yoga, especially honing my aerial yoga skills, and is nursing some serious hula hoop dreams. I'm really into sideshow performers, and I like to boast that I've seen at least ten of the world's sword swallowers in person! I'm also a proud vegetarian who thinks you DO win friends with salad! And yes, I also have a hairless cat named Oliver Star, who smells like potatoes.

I've worked with Tiff at several events over the past year, and she's FREAKING AWESOME. Offbeat advertisers: you guys are going to looove scheming with her. In fact, Tiffany's already chatting with several advertisers now about their 2015 annual contracts. If you're looking at your 2015 promotional plans and want to get in on an annual campaign (which can save you major cash), Tiffany is your woman. You should totally email her to say hi — to make things easy, she's taking over the email address that Catherine's been using:

  1. Soooo in the comments on the potato cat post, a sexually-explicit book club was hinted at and it seems to me that now is as good a time as any to revisit this….

  2. Well, from the comments on Tiffany's "potato cat" article, I've found out that I'm not insane for thinking that my dog smells of biscuits! Sure, you Americans think it's popcorn or fritos, but it's definitely digestive biscuits for me 🙂

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