Lovesick Expos: 2 down, 4 to go

January 14 2014 | offbeatbride

Whew. You know how Offbeat Bride is co-producing the Lovesick Expos this year? Well, they kicked off this past weekend and in two days, I talked to roughly 1000 people. For a lady like me whose life mostly revolves around sitting quietly in front of a screen working from a corner of my bedroom, it was pretty mind-boggling. (And amazing!)

proof that the @offbeatbride booth at @lovesickexpo philly is actually just a throne where I sit and drink
The dress and shoes are both from Modcloth.
Unlike most of the vendors at the Lovesick Expos, I don't have any services I was selling… so my booth was pretty much the least fancy thing in the room. It was literally a banner next to a table, with a few checklist booklets to give out, a few stickers for Tribesmaids, and me… sitting on the table, because I had nothing else to put on the table. (Also, I wore those shoes that I can't really walk in, so sitting on the table seemed like the best option.)

After Lovesick Brooklyn, I hopped in a car with longtime Offbeat Bride sponsor Mike Allebach for the drive to Philadelphia. Inevitably, I had to pee as we crept through Manhattan traffic, and by the time we got the Holland Tunnel I was like WE NEED TO STOP. Luckily there were gas stations right as we got out of the tunnel, but of course they had no restroom, so I decided to just pop a squat and pee between two uhaul trucks while Mike put gas in his car. (Because nothing says "Thank you for being a longtime sponsor" like peeing on the street.)

I made it safely to my developer Kellbot's house in Philly Saturday night, and then got up Sunday morning and headed off to Lovesick Philadelphia.

The best part of the Philly show was my table placement… it was the first thing people saw when they walked in! For folks who were unfamiliar with Offbeat Bride, I just smiled and waved (I'm not into convincing people that they should read the site), and most folks just smiled past and continued on into the show. Perfect!

But then for folks who WERE familiar with Offbeat Bride, I got to be the first to chat with them and welcome them to the show and gossip with them about our bearded groom archive and give Tribesmaids their stickers and give them hugs and see their tattoos and butter up their moms and stuff.

There were about 450 people in Brooklyn, and 550 in Philadelphia. Of course I didn't ACTUALLY talk to every single one of them, but since I was the only Offbeat Empire staffer in attendance, I was talking to folks pretty much non-stop from the minute the doors opened, until well after they closed. It was good! But intense! Major respect to Tom & Jon, the two founders of Lovesick Inc who make the show happen… it's a major undertaking!

Now I'm hanging out on the East Coast, dividing my workweek between small amounts of very-easy/almost-relaxing work and staring quietly at the wall. I'm trying to be really conscious of needing a lot of space to reset… otherwise I'm going to be like my son and do this at the Boston Lovesick this Sunday:

How my kid does birthday parties

  1. It is tricky business working alone and then briefly spending so much time in the public eye. I work in my glass studio at home full time and then about 6 times a year I have a booth at various art festivals and I am suddenly faced with hundreds of people. I can switch to "retail me" fairly quickly but I always find I am totally beat for a day or two after festival weekends. Good luck with the Lovesick Expos, I am sure there were many people very excited to meet you in person.

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  2. Aw, man! I didn't know there was a bearded groom tag! Should have had that one on my wedding profile 😛

      • LOVE the dress! I'm half considering returning my current wedding dress and grabbing yours!

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    • Sorry, guys! My thinking is that we all work in our sweatpants 90% of the time, so it's an opportunity to remember how to actually get dressed for a job.

      Ah, I have such wistful memories of having to get dressed for a job.

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  3. Ah, the ole wilderpee in an urban setting. I don't understand why a gas station would not have a bathroom. Have fun in Boston!

    • Yeah, I grew up in the woods, so I can pee pretty much anywhere… I figure that's what a gas station gets for not being accommodating. Oh, no bathroom huh? WELL I WILL JUST DROP TROU RIGHT HERE THEN.

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      • I have no idea how you can do this; I have not peed outside since college, and even then it wasn't always the most sober endeavor, so I stand in awe of those of you who can pee outside and not on yourself. That totally should have been a badge in Girl Scouts…

        • I once had a needing-to-pee-induced full-blown anxiety attack on the subway, while stuck between stops. I started debating whether I'd have to pee in front of a train full of people. Would I just pee in my seat? Go into the corner of the car and pee in a bag? WHAT WOULD I DO?

          Ever since then, the shame of public peeing is way less bothersome than the anxiety of having to pee.

          • wait, what did you do??

            Sigh. Misread. I suppose you didn't get to that stage. Confession. I chose the corner of a carpark once. Day time. Sober. Just drank too much tea in the car. It had a open bit so it could be fresh but woah. Shaaaaaaaaaame.

  4. Awesome, glad things have started off with such a bang! The Knotty Tie Co crew is all looking forward to meeting everyone at the Denver stop. Cheers!

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  5. You better pace yourself! Boston is one hell of a city, and I'm part of one rambunctious bridal party who intend to accost you as soon as we get there!

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  6. It sounds like a great time so far! I hope you guys are planning to do this again — I seriously thought about coming to Lovesick Brooklyn (as I had an unexpected Saturday off), mostly to meet you and to hear Mixtape! But I am underfunded and pre-engaged, so I couldn't quite justify the potential expense. 😉

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