The HOW TO post Catherine should totally write

Updated Oct 12 2015 (Posted Sep 3 2013)

supesI use a WordPress plugin called Edit Flow to help manage the Empire's editorial processes, and one of the many awesome things it does is emails me a notification when an editor creates a draft here on

A few minutes ago, I got this email:
[Offbeat Empire] New Post Created: "How to"
I was informed, A new Post (#42726 "How to ") was created by Catherine.

Now, I'm sure the title is just a placeholder, but I immediately IMed Catherine (one of Offbeat Bride's editors, and our Vendor Relations manager — we just call her Superman because she basically does EVERYTHING) and suggested she keep the title and write this post:


Step 1: Fuck yeah
Step 2: That's right
Step 3: ??
Step 4: PROFIT

I know I'd like to read that post.

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