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December 11 2013 | offbeatbride

obe-feature-offbeathomeI'm launching another quicky survey!

This one's a bit longer, about the tangled web that is Offbeat Home & Life. Since it's longer, I'm just going to link it here, rather than trying to embed it.

As always, if you have longer-form feedback, you can leave 'em here on ye olde Empire blorge.

Take the survey!

Thanks for the deluge of feedback about the survey. Late last night, while trying to compensate for bugs (questions defaulting to mandatory when I was setting them as optional), I made a couple mistakes. They've all been fixed now, and I also added some extra work-arounds to deal with other weirdness. Apologies for the hassle. Between Polldaddy's bugs and my own late-night mistakes, this has been super frustrating. Based on the steady stream of real-time feedback I'm getting, it looks like things are functioning now.

  1. Hi, did the survey, I know you mentioned you were having issues with it but just so you know, I could only select five favourite topics not ten and it made me select that I follow you using every form of following (damn loyalty glitches).

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  2. Yeah, it's also forcing me to select at least one thing that is my "least favourite". What if I don't particularly dislike any of them, there are just some I like more? I want to select ALL THE FAVOURITES!

    Do you think you'll be able to somehow work out the bugs in the survey (or create a new, less-buggy survey), and then let us know? Or should I just give you some not-quite-accurate data through the current poll?

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  3. Same here, I cannot select all my favorite, the damn thing want me to have one least favorite thing (but I haven't!) and there is a bug with the question about how we receive the information: I have to select all! So I quitted the survey for now! Let us know when it is fixed! xoxo

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  4. Hey guys. Fuck. Polldaddy has been buggy, and then I made it worse last night.

    I made a couple tweaks this morning that should compensate for the bugs (since it wants to make certain questions mandatory, I said you "had" to select at least 0 options, and I added a "No" column for the social media options) but I won't be using Polldaddy again.

    Sorry for the hassle. Honestly, this is completely putting me off of doing surveys at all. Ultimately, it's just not worth my time, or y'all's frustration.

    • Despite the bugs, I really do like the new poll idea. It's super fast and, well, the first one was really easy! It certainly feels more like helping than being put upon since they are so short and sweet.

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  5. I just took the bug-free version. No problems whatsoever! I'm so sorry that it was frustrating – I was looking forward to more surveys in the future.

    I am also thinking seriously about a guest post about some of the topics in the "what would you like to see more posts about?" question. I wouldn't have thought of some of those topics as viable until I saw the question (not sure why, but such is the weirdness of individual readers – in this case me).

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    • Yeah, we get a lot of questions that are like "I want to write about X — is that offbeat enough?" Our answer is always, "If someone (aka you) who reads Offbeat Home & Life is interested in it, then it's offbeat enough."

      Offbeat is a state of miiiiiind, maaaaaan. 🙂

      Offbeat Home & Life has always been the hardest-up for submissions so I strongly encourage anyone even considering it to stop considering and start submitting! http://offbeathome.com/submissions

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