Google Reader dying in 3, 2, 1… good thing Feedly now has a web-only interface!

June 19 2013 | offbeatbride

I wrote a couple months ago about the imminent death of Google Reader. You guys, it's totally happening for real in less than two weeks. I'm pretty content with my switch to Feedly, and I know some of you are into Blog Lovin', The Old Reader, or even (shiver) Facebook.

In the comments on my post about post-Google Reader RSS options, there was some talk about how Feedly didn't have a web-only interface — you had to use an app on your phone.

Well, the Feedly peeps have been SUPER hard at work these past couple months (srsly, I follow them on Twitter and they seem to work around the clock every day of the week), and now they have a web-only interface at This means you can use it on your mobile phone's browser, even if you're using a phone that doesn't support apps. They've also officially split from Google Reader's systems, so while you can import your Google Reader stuff, their servers are now completely separate from Google's… so they're ready for the impending death of Google Reader. So yeah: if you're an RSS nerd who's hasn't yet found the right post-Google Reader tool, Feedly has gotten even better!

  1. Google reader is my single most important way to follow the inter-web, and I was soooo sad when I heard about its imminent demise. I migrated to feedly a couple weeks back, I've been slowly getting used it it and trying very hard not to be picky about aesthetics that aren't bad (just different). Seems to be working pretty well so far, I definitely favor it over bloglovin at this point.

  2. I recently came back from a year without the Internet (sigh) and cannot figure out why the Empire is the only place I've heard about this! Luckily I've sort of fallen in love with feedly so I'm ready for the switch!

  3. I had sort of a rough adjustment to Feedly (RAR CHANGE BAD!!!) but now I love it, and their app is way better than reading Google Reader on my phone's browser was (if Reader had an app, I never bothered to become aware of it.) I'm super paranoid that something could've not migrated correctly but it seems to all be there (and honestly, if I lose a "favorite" post that I've long since forgot about, how much have I really lost?)

    Now I just need to break the habit of mindlessly typing "" in my address bar, because I still do it all the time and have to think "NO. STOP. FEEDLY."

  4. OhManOhManOhManICan'tEven… deep breaths… deep breaths…

    I have attempted to transition to Feedly and so far it's not going well. I know the interface is supposed to be "prettier" but… I don't like it as much. Is that weird? That's weird. I know.

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    • Still using Feedly and still not going well. The phone/iPad apps just tell me it's overcapacity when I try to login so they're "whatever" ( they *would* be TOTAL FAIL but I don't do much RSS reading on my phone so I'm cutting them some slack ).

      The web interface is still buggy. Pictures do not always line up with the right article and the "auto-crop" on the picture frequently leaves people headless. Also it doesn't consistently track when I've already read a post on another computer, even though I'm logged in each time I use it.

      Ok back to deep breaths (… fucking Google.. )

      • Check the feedly blog! The over capacity bug was fixed, but it took apple forever to update the app.

  5. I really like feedly, and I'm actually using it more than I ever used google reader. Though I prefer to read OB posts directly on the website. 🙂

  6. I've been in serious denial and still haven't switched (maybe this weekend's project?). Glad to hear my waiting may have been justified!

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  7. I'm waiting until the last possible moment to switch, since I haven't much liked any of the options out there. It's looking more and more like Feedly will ultimately win out, but I'm also holding my breath for the Digg reader they're developing with input from Google Reader mega-users (like moi).

    But does anyone know if there's a service out there that duplicates GR's "Next" bookmarklet? (It allows you to go through your feeds chronologically, but sends you to the actual post on the site so the blog's stats get a bump, and it's easier to comment)

  8. I transitioned to Feedly a few months ago, but now I FINALLY installed Feedly on my tablet… and wow, it is beautiful! I had given up on most RSS apps, because they always drained my battery, but this seems to be working wonderfully.

  9. I tried out BlogLovin when Reader first announced its retirement a couple of months ago. Meh. Not a lot of my favorite blogs supported it. Someone directly me towards Feedly and it took me a couple weeks to get used to, but I'm actually organizing & reading my RSS feeds in a much more efficient manner now. I find it easier (and more intuitive) to keep them organized in Feedly than I ever did in Reader. I think it was just last year or the year before that I moved all my bookmarks into Google Reader!

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