Wedding photographers: what if your clients could register for your services?

February 23 2015 | arielmstallings
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Every once in a while I hear about one of my colleagues offering something y'all are going to love. Today, it's a service for my wedding photographer friends. Let's gossip about our sponsor and how they can help your offbeat wedding photography biz.

I know that lots of you wedding photographers frequently work with creative, offbeat clients working with lower budgets. Often, they'd love to get more from you (stuff like prints, album spreads, hours of photography coverage, etc.) but they just can't afford it.

Now, what if your wedding photography clients could register to have guests give them a portion of your products and services?

…That's where Gively comes in.

How Gively works for wedding photographers

  1. You sign up with Gively for a low monthly rate ($9.95/mo or $99.95/yr.)
  2. You then configure Gively to offer your photography services or products that you want clients to be able to register for.
  3. You can also customize your Gively registries to include your branding, which can be as simple as colors and a logo or as complex as editing all of the template-based, registry-related copy to make it just as offbeat as you are!
  4. You then add the clients who said they'd like to do a Gively registry, and shoot them an introductory email. Gively automates most of the process to make it as painless as possible.
  5. Your clients then visit Gively, register for what they'd like, and share the link with their family and friends.
  6. VOILA!: wedding guests can now purchase gifts that your couple clients will actually immediately use: your services!


And yeah, of course there's totally a 100-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee on all of Gively's vendor memberships.

Although Gively is mostly set up for wedding photographers, I could totally see the way any number of vendors could use their services — do you do maternity photography or sew custom newborn clothing? Baby registries are totally an opportunity here!

Adam Nyholt and Chris Aram, Gively's founders
Adam Nyholt and Chris Aram, Gively's founders
Poking through Gively's site, I extra appreciated how simple and streamlined they made the process. I think Offbeat Bride vendors and their clients are going to love this — y'all are into embracing a less traditional approach! Gively was founded by two wedding photographers, so you know they get it.

That said, Gively's jam may not be a perfect fit for everyone:

  • Higher budget couples for which cost isn't really an issue. If most of your clients don't bat an eye at your most expensive offering, why would they need to register?
  • More traditional couples who are nervous about alternative registry concepts. I've seen this for years with cash and honeymoon registries, and when it comes to gift etiquette, there are some regions and communities where it's just too terrifying to meet with The Wrath Of Great Aunt Marge.
  • Clients with too wide a gap between what they can afford, and what you're offering. Gively works best if a client can meet your minimum rates when signing up, and register for bonus products and services — experiences that they'd love, but won't break their hearts if they don't receive. (Really, this is true of any wedding registry. You register for pretty plates, assuming you already have a table to eat on.)

Is all this making sense? Basically, Gively allows wedding vendors to offer their clients a unique, online wedding gift registry where couples can register for YOUR products and services. This helps vendors earn more money and provide couples an easy way to get what they really need!

Ready to get started? Yeah, you know you are:

Try Gively.

PS: Just in case there are any Offbeat Bride couples reading, if you wish your guests could gift portions of your wedding photography, you should toooootally share this post with your favorite photographer!